Odds and ends

Though this blog has mostly been about making our dresses, I did do a few other things. Travis has been awesome about the decorations for the reception, and I went by the other day to kinda look at the flowers. I'm doing white lilys and blue day irises for my bouquet, and blue hydranga for the BM's bouquets. The tables will have white lilys and submerged white orchards. I kinda wish I had said orchards for my bouquet as well, but that probally would've been too much! ^_^;

Mom has been here this week helping me out. We didn't really get to do much shopping for the honeymoon, but she and FSpoon's mom have been working on the chuppa cover which is AMAZING!! They each worked on a part of it, and mom found a beautiful dark blue for the top that has sparkles on it. It's like standing under a night sky! His mom designed a custom cross stitch for the wrap, and it's just made of win! I really hope our photographer gets some good pictures of it because I'm DYING to show it off!

For favors, my mom baked some cookies, and we put them in small bags with blue sparkle tulle wrapped around them. I didn't really want to spend a boat-load of money on something most people wouldn't care about, but I wanted something there and let's face it, most people like cookies. XD So this seemed like a good idea.

I also got the cards cut for the guestbook. Instead of a traditional guestbook, we're going to have blank cards people can sign and maybe write some advice or something on to drop in the vase. Afterwards, I'm going to frame them and hang them on each side of the ketubah. OH, and our ketubah came in earlier this week and it's really pretty! Canvas prin, and I was going to see about making it myself, but we found a design online that we both liked that was very similar to the design we used for the monogram, so we went with that. As a bonus, we added a glass for breaking that comes with a nice velvet bag, and they will take the glass and add it to a mezuzah for you, which we're planning on doing.

Anyhoo, that's the odds and ends part. Everything is pretty much done at this point. Rehersal tomorrow at a local Italian place that we really liked, and we'll go from there. I'll post a wrap-up some time after we get back from our cruise! ^_^

Dressmaking part 5

My dress is done!! *happy dance* The chiffon was a pain to sew, but it floats BEAUTIFULLY over the skirt! And we had to recut most of the jacket, but the recut of the back was done slightly differently, so there's actually a little give in it now. The sleeves are lined with the silver brocade, and folded back once to show it off. The veil came out very nice! M did a beautiful job sewing the trim on, and it shimmers in the light. Shiney!!

The skirt does have a slight train, so we'll need to pin it up during the reception, but I think it works nicely. All that's left is a steam pressing, and we're good to go!


So, I was woken up about 7AM with giggling ladies outside my bedroom door. About an hour later, I fully woke up in T's truck, dressed and heading down to Scarborough Fair for the bachlorette party! Nothing major, just the five of us enjoying Scarby (it was my first time, which I found out is why they decided on it).

I had a great deal of fun, despite getting really tired by the end of the day, and even spent money I shouldn't have. Though, that's kinda the point. XD

Dressmaking part 4

So, yesterday was working on the dresses again. M got her serger working, and got most of the bridemaid's dresses serged. Still need hems, straps and the top trim, but that's coming along nicely. Two of the BM jackets are done except for closures, and the other two just need collars.

We also started the rest of my dress as well. The skirt overlay was a PAIN to cut and sew, but it's going to lay beautifully! We actually ended up short on fabric for the overlay, but when we looked at the pattern, we realized the train was much longer than I had originally wanted, so we cut that down and were able to get the rest of the overlay cut out. We then were able to work the skirt fabric the same way, and even after cutting out the jacket, we ended up with a good amount left over, which is good! The jacket is needing a lot of work, mostly because we decided to line the sleeves with the silver brocade. It won't be visible for the most part, but it's a nice touch.

Anyhoo, got enough done for me to put it (mostly) on, and it's looking good. I need to get some kind of petticoat skirt, and I may need to have the corset adjusted, but so far so good. It's really cool to actually see progress and a physical output of the design I did. I have awesome BMs!!!

Dressmaking part 3

This weekend was a full one! Saturday, we did more shopping. We started with have an actual bridal dress shopping hour. I tried on several different dresses for two reasons. One, I wasn't sure of the shape of the skirt I wanted, so this would give me an idea of what looks best on me. The second was so I would have a backup. If something dire happens and my dress is ruined, I can call with the style number and size, and hopefully find a shop in the metro area that has it for me. And yes, I did find one but don't have any pictures of it. Which is fine because I'm not worried about mine not getting done on time. (ok, a little worried, but i trust my friends and they say it won't be an issue, so i'm trying not to think about it)

The second thing we did Saturday was shopping for veil material. I also decided having an overskirt would look nice on my dress, so we'll be doing that too. We found a really pretty sheer organza-type fabric for the veil that looks AMAZING with my trim, as well as a matte sheer fabric for the overskirt. So, all the fabric shopping for my dress is done, yay! We also found the trim for the BM dress, though still haven't found the trim for MOH's jacket. We'll keep looking for that, though.

Sunday was another sewing day. I brought over my bodice so we could adjust my jacket pattern, as well as some skirt patterns we had found to try out. The BM's jackets also got mostly finished, just need the collars and finishing, and they look awesome! I'm so glad we found the blue fabric for those! There's even some left, which one of my BMs is hoping is enough for a skirt later. XD

We also worked on my skirt pattern as well. You know, it's really not easy to find your size on some patterns. For the BM dresses, the sizes ran too small. For this skirt, it ran WAAAAY too big! So I'm very gladd we made a pattern out of scrap fabric. I will have to get some kind of full skirt to give it a bit of body, though. I was really hoping to avoid it, but to get the look I wanted, I kinda need it. I'm going to go with the least full one I can get because I'd like to be able to sit down and enjoy my reception! XD