Going to the dentist is not fun. more »
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Book Report: The Book of Deacon

I found a site that had a bunch of links to free Kindle books, and since I now have a Kindle, I thought I'd give a few a try. Not expecting Tolkien or anything like that, but just something new to read. One of the ones I picked out was The Book of… more »
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The Force will be with you....for the low price of $99.95!

Finished Force Unleashed 2 last night, and yeah, I was disappointed in it being as short as it was. I needed more lightening deaths, dammit! Still, it was fun and as always, the little voice of my imagination started jabbering at me. Actually, let me… more »
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FSpoon comes in every night and asks what I want to do for dinner. Sometimes, one of us has a craving or we decided earlier to try this particular restaurant or one of us wants the other to make a special dish. But most of the time, we're both clueless.… more »
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EEEEE!!!! *happy dance*

NEWCOMPUTERNEWCOMPUTERNEWCOMPUTER!My boyfriend brought me my late Christmas gift tonight. An AMD X4 620 processor with 4gig of ram, an NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250, new DVD burner and 2Tb secondary drive all wrapped up in a nice new case. EEEEEE!!I c… more »
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