On Weight Loss

Everyone has their own ideas on how to lose weight, so what worked for me? #dubird #weightloss #newyearresolution more »
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Future posts?

You know, I honestly have no idea how many people actually SEE these posts. My guess is zero, but you never know, there may be some random person with nothing better to do visiting from time to time saying "why the hell doesn't she post more Dear… more »
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Finding a voice

One of the things that prompts me to do this as a regular blog is reading other people's blogs. Be they funny, informative, useful or just darn entertaining. I read stuff and think 'Yeah, I could write too.' After all, in high school, I did a lot of… more »
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Another year dawns.....cold?

New year, new comments. Also new plans. But no resolutions! more »
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random thoughts more »
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