Geek girls?

Haven't blogged in a while, but read something that got me thinking. It's something I've noticed, but not really taken seriously: that girls are only into geeky things because it's popular. And there may be some, but have you ever thought about the fact… more »
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Mass Effect 3, take 2

#MassEffect3 take 2 done. Ending feels a bit more complete and fills in some plot holes. Starchild still sucks IMO. more »
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Mass Effect 3

ME3: the first 95% of the game was totally worth it. Then, Bioware said fuck you. more »
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The Force will be with you....for the low price of $99.95!

Finished Force Unleashed 2 last night, and yeah, I was disappointed in it being as short as it was. I needed more lightening deaths, dammit! Still, it was fun and as always, the little voice of my imagination started jabbering at me. Actually, let me… more »
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so, finished DA2....

And it was much shorter than the first game. Well, felt like it anyways. Probally because there's not the multiple backstories. Plus, don't have near the customization options, and you have to play human, which I'm sure a lot of people don't like. I wou… more »
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