Below are various tutorials I've worked up. The art tutorials are hosted at DevArt, simply because of what they are. Someday, I'd like to chop them up and make good tutorials out of them, but that's for later. If there's something you want to see up here, feel free to let me know! ^_^

Webpage Tutorials

  • Tips on Building a Website
  • - An article more than a tutorial, this is simply some tips I've complied on how to make a good website.
  • How To Use My Layouts
  • - An expanded version of the readme file included in my layouts. Hopefully, it'll help!
  • Basic CSS in Action!
  • - A hopefully simple guide on how to use some simple CSS in your webpage.
  • Dubird's Graphics Workshop
  • - A collection of various website building tutorials that you might find useful. Eventually, I'll get them up here, but they'll always be up here.

Art Tutorials

Any CG and coloring tutorials were made in and for Paint Shop Pro (7 and 9). As far as I know, they'll work in Photoshop, but the tools are in different places.

* means hosted at my devArt account

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