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Jadeslash Graphics (or as commonly written, jade/graphics) is my own little playground for graphics. I've been doing many types of graphics for a long time now, and since I sometimes (ok, lots of times) come up with ideas but have nowhere to use them, I thought I might as well offer them for free to anyone that wants to use them.

A lot of nice free graphics places specialize in anime graphics. While I do have a large anime layout section, as well as a good collection of anime wallpapers, I make an effort to split my designs between anime and various other types. Not everyone is an anime fan, so I want people to have a good selection to choose from.

graphics by dubird?

graphics by dubird was the original name of this site. When I started, this was just a dumping ground for extra graphics that I had done but had no place to use. It's slowly evolved into a much larger site, and I decided that the name really doesn't fit anymore. However, it's sortta become my signature on any graphics that I do, so I've kept that and will continue to use it on all of my graphics. Partly because it's recognizable, and partly so that I can still submit the occasional favorite one to other graphics sites.


What program(s) do you use?

I use Paint Shop Pro 9 for all the graphic parts and Notepad for putting it together. Sometimes I get lazy and use the HTML editor that Frontpage has, but only because it numbers the lines and makes it easier to see sometimes.

How long have you been designing websites/web layouts?

I started trying to do web graphics since about 1997, my first year in college. In those days, tables were the most complicated things you could do and CSS didn't exist, so most of my 'layouts' consisted of a handful of buttons, a background, a divider line, and a welcome banner. And since most of them were done with MSPaint, they were pretty horrible by today's standards, but at the time they weren't that bad. Over the years, I got PSP7 and started learning how to make actual sets of images and I learned how to use tables and actually create full layouts with an HTML template, so I decided to offer them to the general public in case someone wanted to use them. I eventually learned CSS and started incorperating that, and that led me to where I am today. I have used Flash in the past, and played with various types of Javascript, but I tend to be rather minimalistic in my designs now. I know, you're looking at some of the layouts and saying 'That's not minimal!' But really, no Flash, no animations, no fancy scripts, usually just a table and CSS. I've found that the simpler a layout is, the eaiser it is to use, which seems to help people that are just starting out.

What inspires you when you make layouts?

Basicly, anything. I'll see a picture online and think 'that would look awesome in a layout!'. I'll be listening to the radio and a line from a song will stick in my head, creating colors or images I end up having to draw or create to get out. I'll sometimes even just be playing around with colors in PSP or Illustrator, and come up with something that looks neat and want to use it. Really, it's the little things that inspire me rather than the big things.

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