Terms of Service

To use or view this site, or any of it's services, you agree to the Terms outlined below. Downloading any resources constitutes agreement with these terms.

Site Terms

  • - No direct linking is allowed. I love people to link here, just please don't hot-link my images or content.
  • - No redistribution of any content is allowed. If you like something, send people here. Do not just upload them to your site.
  • - No part of this website may be copied or used in other websites.
  • - All content, including website graphics, coding, and text, is (C) Dubird unless otherwise noted. Donated content belongs to the author, who gives permission for me to host it here.
  • - Graphics by Dubird reserves the right to change these terms in the future, with or without notification.

Layout Terms

  • - All layouts here are free to use AS IS. Please do not modify the images, coding, or layout unless otherwise noted.
  • - No layouts maybe be redistrubted unless I (the author) have submitted them. That means you cannot upload these layouts to your, or any other, site. I still may submit them myself, but that will be MY decision.
  • - A link back is REQUIRED. All the layouts have a place and/or graphic already there. Do not remove, alter, or tamper with the link back. I try to make them as subtle as possible to not interfer with the layout, but it needs to remain there.

Wallpaper Terms

  • - All wallpapers are provided for DESKTOP use ONLY. These are NOT to be used as backgrounds for webpages, bases for other wallpapers, or any other use.
  • - No wallpapers may be redistrubted unless I or the author have submitted them. Any wallpaper I do, I will submit to other places of my own will. Any wallpapers that are donated can be put anywhere else at the author's will. But no wallpaper can be taken off this site and put elsewhere by anyone else.

Resources Terms

  • - Graphics provided under the Resources header may be modified, as noted. Each section outlines what can and cannot be modified.
  • - A link back is REQUIRED if any graphic Resources are used. A simple text link is fine, just to say where you got a certian piece from.
  • - No redistrubtion of any Resources is allowed. You can use them for your own site, but do not simply download them and put them up for others to use.

Tutorial Terms

  • - A link back is not required if a Tutorial is used, but is apprecated. If you just use a tutorial to do something, you don't have to put up a link, but it would be greatly apprecated if you did.
  • - No tutorial may be reproduced or redistributed on any site. I know a lot of tutorials are similar or show different ways of doing things, but please don't use a tutorial here then make another tutorial with the exact same process.

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