Aqua Cure

Affilation Status: 5 slots open

If you're interesting in affiliating with jade/graphics, check out the guidelines below. If you think your site qualifies, contact me and we'll discuss. ^_^

Affiliation Guidelines

  • 1. Affiliation is only with other graphics or website resource sites. Free layouts, general web graphics, that sort of thing. Resource sites are fine, as long as you have a good selection.
  • 2. Quality over quantity, but a decent-sized amount of resources is always a plus.
  • 3. Return link must be on every page. I will, of course, return the favor.
  • 4. I'm not so concerned about hits as I am about your site itself. For me, a small site with low hits but wonderful graphics and resources wins out over a huge site with lots of hits and bland or unoriginal graphics and resources. That's not to say a large site wouldn't be welcome, but I'm not going to refuse the smaller site, just because it doesn't have good traffic.
  • 5. I don't insist on lots of regular updates (because I can be captured by real life quite easily and I know that sometimes things happen you can't control), but any site that goes one year without updating will be removed as a dead site.

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