Various videos I've made over the years. Some for classes, some just because!

Chemical Jodi - Main Title Sequence

A bit of sillyness. Many years ago, I made a 'movie' with the game The Movies. It was amusing, but nothing special.

However, as my final project, I decided to pull that idea and make the title credit sequence for it. I discovered that I can make the video from the game on a black background and import it into After Effects, so yeah. Had some fun with it. XD

Infographic - How Many Hours?

So, second project for After Effects. The data is pulled from this site. I choose Texas A&M because it had data for all the years he had compiled and had the most drastic jump in tuition.

And yeah, slightly bitter tone. That's what happens when I do things like this right after an argument about it. XD

Fractal Tunnel

First project for After Effects class. Simple relaxing space thing.


Random idea for a webpage I ended up discarding. But pretty!

Farewell and Into the Inevitable

Movie: Iron Giant (SPOILERS!)
Music: Mass Effect 3: Citidal DLC

This was a class project, and I was going through my music collection, heard this, and immediatly thought of Iron Giant. Both because of the name and the actual music. If you've never seen the movie, go watch it first. Aside from it being a great movie, there's more impact that way.