Graphic Design

A sampling of various design projects I've worked on, either for customers or for classes. Most things are geared toward print media, but I've been working on new website layouts as well.

Namale Resort
Namale Resort
Southern Sweets
Beauty Bliss
Beauty Bliss
So Lawn, Goodbye
Pegasus Hotel
Pegasus Hotel
Ray Kiker - Singin' for Nickles & Dimes
Allure Resturant
Zulu Wings & Deli
Neuro Synergetics
Artistic Home Improvement
Dallas Medical Supply
Keywest Pools
Cannon Development
Keywest Pools
Jubilee of Health
ceramic Performance
Mike Benet Formals
Sweetwater Ranch
Conway Schools Recycling
Watson Rankin
Norm Angeleri
Conway Sprinkler
Rhea Lana