my art style

Anime/manga. I do all my sketching by hand, but the coloring is done with my computer. If requested, I'm happy to send you the original sketch as well, for a minor fee. (mostly to cover shipping)

what you will get

Two image files, one web-ready image and one print-ready file sized to 8x10 that you can take to wherever you wish and get printed off. If you want, I can print it and ship to you, but you'll have to request it and there is a small fee (for printing and shipping). I will also provide you a transparent PNG for use in website layouts or avatars, if requested.

what i will do

Original characters
picture reference is not required, but you're more likely to get what you want with one.
Tasteful nudity
If you have a question about what I consider tasteful, please ask BEFORE you order.
Fantasy people
keep in mind it's not my specialty, but I'm willing to try my best.
Simple backgrounds
geometric shapes, abstract, or possibly something the character is leaning/sitting on. All the samples have what I consider a simple background.

what i can do for an additional cost (add-ons)

Complicated backgrounds
$60 for a detailed background, can be a room, crowd of people, etc.
Groups of people
Add 50% for each additional person. If you have a large group, ask for a special quote.
Add $20 for a small animal (cat/dog size), $45 for a large one.
Digital printout
$7 plus shipping ($5) for a high-quality print on acid-free glossy paper.

what i will not do

If you have a question, feel free to ask BEFORE you order, just to clarify.

Character Options

You have two options on posing for your character. One is an actual character reference image. This would be a full body, frontal pose that shows as much of your character's outfit as possible. I am willing to do a front and back workup, but that would count as a two-person image and will be priced accordingly. The other option is an action pose. I'll be as accurate as possible on the design, but you may not see all of your character's outfit, depending on the pose. This will be much more dynamic, and can include minor special effects (such as energy on a sword, a spell being cast, etc.). Backgrounds would still be extra, however.

A note on coloring

I can do hand-coloring with Copics now. It's something I'm still learning, but if you want a hand-inked and colored piece instead of a digitally colored piece, just let me know. The price will be the same as for the Full CG (plus the $5 for shipping), but it won't have a background. The choice is yours.


Full body, single character, black and white lineart.
Price: $35
Full body, single character, skin tone and one other color shaded.
Price: $45
Full CG
Full body, single character, full color.
Price: $70

payment and shipping info

Payment: I prefer PayPal, but I will also accept a cashier's check or money order. Please keep in mind I will not start your image until you payment has been accepted and I have your description of what you want.

Shipping: Since I will send you the file over the Internet, there is no shipping unless you wish to purchase the original sketch or for me to send you a printed copy. Shipping for either one (or both together) is $5, with an additional $7 if you wish a color print of your final image.

samples (click to see full image)

lineart (color for display purpose only)

Battle Kayia  Lineart
Kayia Greenwillow Lineart
Kashoku DRK Lineart
Deis Lineart
Bride in Kimono Lineart
BFF Lineart
Amanda Lineart

cg art

Devin Rayhan
Red Dragon
Battle Kayia
Kaiya Greenwillow
Bride in Kimono

character reference examples

Brooklynn RAGE
Father Mosal
Kaiya Greenwillow
Bride in Kimono

action pose examples

Sailor Firestorm
Kylan v2
Battle Kayia

additional notes

All prices are for single characters.
The final print size is 8x10.
Larger is possible, but the turnaround time will be longer simply because of the limitations of my computer. There may also be an additional fee, depending on how big you want it.
My turnaround time is about 2 weeks from the time I receive your description.
If I have questions, I will do my best to contact you as soon as possible to clarify anything.
I retain all copyrights to the image itself (not your character), unless you buy them from me.
If you wish to use your image in any print medium or any other use besides display (either the hard copy or display on your site), you must contact me for written permission. You can use your image for layouts or sig images or avatars, just as long as you have a link somewhere crediting me for actually making the image.
I will not use your image for any commercial or personal reason without written permission from you, with the only exception being use in my art portfolio.
This will include credit to you for the character.
I will keep the original, unless you buy it from me.
Buying the original also buys the copyrights to that image. Please contact me about pricing. It won't be much, but I'll include a letter of permission for any use, so you can use the image for anything you want without having to contact me for permission first.
Any estimated price can change before the order is accepted.
Estimates are just that, estimates, and may be higer or lower depending on printing and shipping costs.
You or I have the right to cancel the order for any reason BEFORE payment is accepted.
If payment has been accepted, I will refund 50% of your payment to you. You also agree to rescend all rights to the artwork that has been started. I agree not to sell or use your picture, with the sole exception of portfolio purposes.
You will not recieve your final image(s) until payment has cleared.

final comment

Prices listed above are subject to change without notice, however, once your commission has been accepted, your price will not change. I am also open to negitiation in some instances. Please contact me with any questions.