Replacement layout

Last time I upgraded, either there was a big change to the b2evo code, or something I had didn't carry over. Even odds which one it was! So, working on replacement layout, as you can see. Still bugs to work out, and the pages aren't displaying properly,… more »
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Geek girls?

Haven't blogged in a while, but read something that got me thinking. It's something I've noticed, but not really taken seriously: that girls are only into geeky things because it's popular. And there may be some, but have you ever thought about the fact… more »
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On Making Mistakes

Another thing that people have trouble with is that when they make a mistake, they consider it a complete failure. Truth is, you're not a failure, just human. more »
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On Motivation

Another thing that I keep seeing pop up is the comment "Please provide motivation for me!" Are you an adult or a child?? #dubird #weightloss more »
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On Exercise

One component that most diet plans include is exercise. But it's not as important for weight loss as you think. #dubird #weightloss more »
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