Replacement layout

Last time I upgraded, either there was a big change to the b2evo code, or something I had didn't carry over. Even odds which one it was! So, working on replacement layout, as you can see. Still bugs to work out, and the pages aren't displaying properly,… more »
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Error upgrading database. I finally got things restored, but now my layout doesn't work anymore. *headdesk* So enjoy a generic template while I get things back to normal. Update: Got it partly back. Gotta fix the sidebar and menu, but at least the… more »
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Future posts?

You know, I honestly have no idea how many people actually SEE these posts. My guess is zero, but you never know, there may be some random person with nothing better to do visiting from time to time saying "why the hell doesn't she post more Dear… more »
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Upgrade and downgrade?

New b2evo, skin doesn't work. To make a new or not, that is the question! more »
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