FSpoon comes in every night and asks what I want to do for dinner. Sometimes, one of us has a craving or we decided earlier to try this particular restaurant or one of us wants the other to make a special dish. But most of the time, we're both clueless.… more »
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Finding a voice

One of the things that prompts me to do this as a regular blog is reading other people's blogs. Be they funny, informative, useful or just darn entertaining. I read stuff and think 'Yeah, I could write too.' After all, in high school, I did a lot of… more »
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so, finished DA2....

And it was much shorter than the first game. Well, felt like it anyways. Probally because there's not the multiple backstories. Plus, don't have near the customization options, and you have to play human, which I'm sure a lot of people don't like. I wou… more »
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Dragon Age 2!!

First thoughts: Shiney!! *yeah yeah yeah* Anyhoo, started it last night. I'm a bit disappointed in customization options. I mean, for starters, only one playable race, and once you pick a fighting style, you can't change it later. *which also means i ca… more »
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Another year dawns.....cold?

New year, new comments. Also new plans. But no resolutions! more »
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