Process Learning

You know, it's really weird to realize that while you're good at what you do and the final outcome works, the process you learned isn't correct. That's essentially what I've been learning in this degree: what the correct process is for designing things.… more »
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Book Report - Silence

Book Report - Silence: Good idea, poor execution. more »
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Future posts?

You know, I honestly have no idea how many people actually SEE these posts. My guess is zero, but you never know, there may be some random person with nothing better to do visiting from time to time saying "why the hell doesn't she post more Dear… more »
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Upgrade and downgrade?

New b2evo, skin doesn't work. To make a new or not, that is the question! more »
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Top 5 Dating Questions - Answered Truthfully

And this is why I don't write dating articles for magazines. more »
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