Just in case anyone's interested, I've updated the store a little bit. Added some new shirts. Random stuff, but I thought was worth doing. *nods* more »
10/12/05 19:19, by , Categories: dubird.net

Dude. It's been a long time. Too long. o.O In case you didn't notice, new layout for fall! Random idea that I like. I'll do the rotating pictures later on though. I kinda liked that. None of my other sites have really been updated much though. I just… more »
10/11/05 01:07, by , Categories: dubird.net

I just realized that the email address the contact form goes to doesn't work anymore. o.@ I'm not at a place I can fix it right now, so go to the gwg for now. Quakecon report later when I get my home comp up again. Ta! more »
08/15/05 19:38, by , Categories: dubird.net

Hokay. Here's the rundown. 1. Got tickets for EpII!! Friday night, dressed as Sith. Yeah, baby! 2. Working on new layout for the gwg. God knows I desperatly need to update it. 3. Tabletop Sketches is open again, with new artists! If you want to request,… more »
05/18/05 20:19, by , Categories: dubird.net

Whee! Registered #1889 for Quakecon. BYOC, here I come! *happy dance* In other news, not much is happening. Very frustrated with being THF, so I'm leveling Marksmanship with WAR. I'm going through bolts like crazy, so I must get out and farm soon to… more »
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