minor cleanups

Fixed up the links page and added a page for some fanlistings. I don't really go in for that much, but there's a few that I like to show off. I thought about making a big ole' list and sticking it somewhere, but I dunno. Not decided on the writing… more »
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bad script

The writings section links aren't working at the moment. Apparently, the script I had isn't one my host is comfortable having on the server, even though it's never caused problems before. But then, I've been contemplating moving those to a different… more »
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new layout!

New layout, yay! You can now see the latest free layouts and wallpapers I've done, and corrected links. Let me know if anything doesn't work. ^_^ more »
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Twitter and D&D

Added Twitter over to the side. I'll keep that up for a while, just to see what happens. Also added new free layout. And I've been thinking of adding to the side the latest layout and wallpaper. I dunno, what do ya'll think? In other news, I joined a… more »
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Experience is a good teacher, but submits huge bills.

Ain't that the truth. *L* Ok, anyhoo, not had much to post about lately, sorry. Another death in the family, but my truck is still running. Getting ready to move to an apartment at the end of the month too, but thought I'd fill in what few website… more »
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