end of year approachith....

So, it's been a while. What have I been up too? Website-wise, not a lot. I've kinda given up making updates for the gwg, though I still want to keep it up and running, espically with Geocities going away. With the end of Geocities, most GW sites have… more »
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and back!

devArt sub is back, so updated the sidebar. Other than that, there's not a lot going on webwise for me. I really need to get back into doing layouts again, just haven't had time or ideas lately. I did start sketching again, and I'm hoping that'll help… more »
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Server moved

Ok, so, yeah. All the pages I worked on last week and the updates I made are gone. I'm not sure if I have to reupload everything or what's going on, but I not only am missing some new pages, I'm apparently missing some database changes. *grrrr* Not… more »
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I forgot my devart sub ran out. >< But I've fixed the gallery to link to this one here, so it's sortta current. Being broke sucks. *blah* In other news, saw UP last Friday. It's made of awesome and win and you should totally go see it!! more »
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Well isn't this just wizard?

I caved in and actually added something to my facebook. Yes, I'm a tool. ^_^; But, it will pull posts from this blog on my main site, so it'll look like I'm updating. Yeah, there ya go. *LOL* Don't expect a lot of other activity there, but I will go… more »
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