arugh function

Ok, will I can still pull the posts out of b2evo and display them here, I can't seem to get the blogs to work as a blog page with the skins. I have no idea why. >< Last time it did this, I had to delete b2evo and reupload to get it to work. I REALLY… more »
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News status update

Ok, I think I finally have a solution in place that works. And what's more, I got it working on the gwg as well. w00t! So, yeah, we'll see how that goes. At least I know have good backups for everything, and if b2 doesn't work out, I know I can impor… more »
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End of Bloggering news

Blogger announced recently that they were terminating the ability to publish to a blog via FTP. Which is how I've been making news posts here for the past 9 years, as well as to the gwg, jade/graphics, and even the little FFXI character blog that I star… more »
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Backpost: A quick note

This blog has been around for nine years. Most of that time has been random personal posts, a lot of which included OMGDRAMA from college. Suffice to say, older posts than this will be more personal and, in some cases, whiney and depressing. There are… more »
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so, new year

And it's cold. I hate winter. >< Anyhoo, new year. Yep. 2010. And I can't think of a damn thing to say about it. Seriously. I don't make resolutions, so I don't have that to say. I tend not to have those 'looking back over the past year' type of… more »
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