New look and other things

Ok, so I've got a new layout I'm liking, which I'm going to have up as soon as I work it out. See, I've been experimenting, and have found ways to incorperate ALL of the stuff from this page into b2news, so I'm going to be doing that with the new layout… more »
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So yeah then

Been playing with b2evo some more, and got several things worked out. I now know how to set up subdomains here to use the same b2evo install, which is AWESOME! It's not perfect, but gives me some ideas for later. I've also had some inspiration in the… more »
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New skin

Been playing around and finally got a custom skin working for the main blog collection. That's the one that collects posts from ALL the blogs here and puts them in one neat little package. In all honesty, I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in t… more »
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EEEEE!!!! *happy dance*

NEWCOMPUTERNEWCOMPUTERNEWCOMPUTER!My boyfriend brought me my late Christmas gift tonight. An AMD X4 620 processor with 4gig of ram, an NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250, new DVD burner and 2Tb secondary drive all wrapped up in a nice new case. EEEEEE!!I c… more »
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so, wtf b2evo?

Ok, sick all weekend and yesterday, so I don't mess with any of it. I did check yesterday and even with clearing my cache and all, still not working. I come into work today, decide to try again, and it works without me doing anything. o.@ So, yeah. No… more »
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