so, finished DA2....

And it was much shorter than the first game. Well, felt like it anyways. Probally because there's not the multiple backstories. Plus, don't have near the customization options, and you have to play human, which I'm sure a lot of people don't like. I would love to work in an elf or dwarf backstory, and I think it could be done. Would need more conversation options, but it could be worked out. There was also less places to go to, as well as many reuses of the caves and mini-quest interior buildings. Anyhoo, it was a little under 30 hours for me, and I didn't get to finish some of the side quests (and I'm sure I missed a few).

However, I still enjoyed it immensly! The story was very good, and I personally got really drawn into what was going on. There's plenty of options for roleplay if you follow up with your companions, and towards the end, you literaly hold the fate of Kirkwell in your hands. Well, up until a certian point, which was a huge 'OMG, what the fuck are you doing!?!' moment, which I'm sure will happen no matter what *i'm playing as a mage this time to see if it does*. But I am going back and playing the other two class options, then trying out the romance options to see what changes. Gameplay was also enjoyable for me, and I like the new abilites they added. You get to see random characters from Origins and Awakenings, which was kinda funny in a couple of spots, and you can import a save and it will change conversations and things that happen based on that. Nothing major, but it's still kinda cool.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed playing, it was worth pre-ordering it, and while I don't think it has as much replayability as the first one, I'm really curious to see what kinds of mods the community develops and what DLCs they come up with. Money not wasted in my opinion, and I got to see and play a great story. ^_^
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Dragon Age 2!!

First thoughts: Shiney!! *yeah yeah yeah* Anyhoo, started it last night. I'm a bit disappointed in customization options. I mean, for starters, only one playable race, and once you pick a fighting style, you can't change it later. *which also means i can't use any of the bonus stuff you get for pre-ordering, at least not right now. why can't i duel wield a sword and dagger??*

But, the story is interesting, so yes, it was worth getting! Maybe I'll unlock some more options later on when I finish, who knows?
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Another year dawns.....cold?

Ok, everyone's making resolutions for the new year. But I resolve not to make one resolution!

.......crap. XD

Anyhoo, no, I don't make resolutions. I always end up forgetting about them, so what's the point, ya know? However, I will list a few things that are in the works.

- Got a shiney tablet for Christmas! So, once I get moved and settled, you'll be seeing more art stuff this year. After all, I gotta pratice and figure out how to use this thing!

- Moving! I'm moving in with BFSpoon end of next week, and will spend the rest of Jan. sorting, moving into storage, and having a yard sale to get rid of stuff. Actually, the yard sale is going to be at a friend's house, and there's several of us putting stuff into it, so it'll be a big one. And when it's ended, we'll be having Salvation Army come by and pick up what's left. I just want to clear stuff out, not keep it for another sale! ^_^;

- Speaking of getting rid of stuff, I will probally be posting things I want to sale up here since some of it will be shipable and someone here might want it. So, keep an eye out next week.

- Once I have settled in, BFSpoon and I will be making it a point to get out and walk a couple times a week. I am also going to be saving up for a Wii and WiiFit. I've discovered that I do better with exercise if it's also a game. I get into it and enjoy it more, which is part of why I still enjoy playing DDR. I've used my mom's WiiFit and found it fun and cute and useful, so I'd like one of my own. I don't need to lose a lot of weight, but I want to be in better shape and regain stamina that I've lost from years of a desk job.

- Story! I do want to add some more to my Centuris story this year. I keep saying it and part of me wants to quit, but dammit, I always end up quitting stuff before they're done, so I'm determined to finish this! Besides, she pokes me in the back of my brain from time to time, so I should really finish her story so she'll leave me alone. And you'd better not pick the depressing end you had planned for me!! I make no promises. XD Humph.

- Portfolio! I've been working on a proper online portfolio, but it kinda got put on hold last month. But after I get all this moving crap settled, I'm going to finish it. This is also for the purpose of hopefully helping me find a new job. Granted, without having to pay rent, I'll be able to stay paying off my credit card and student loan, but I'm hoping to find a better job. Not that I don't like my current job, I'm just tired of making below poverty level salery. ><

- Website! Yes, I have a new layout idea I want to do, after I get some other stuff done. And I'm hoping to have time to work on more free ones. Those kinda got shoved aside this year.

Anyhoo, I think that's it. A big THANKS to Steph, whose commission gave me gas money to go home on! I didn't get to do the Christmas stuff I wanted to, but made some last minute vinyl window decals for brother and sister and their spouses that was a huge hit, so that worked out. While I didn't like having to install all that vinyl on our windows at work, having our own cutter was something I'm glad we did so I can do stuff like that for really really cheap! ^_^;

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Life and games

A blank screen is one of the most intimidating things ever. ><

Actually did write a bit for NaNo, but don't think I'll have time to do anymore. Blarugh. One of these times, I'll actually have time and will to do it! ^_^;;

Downloaded the fix for Witch Hunt for Dragon Age. At least the ending was fixed, which is good, but it's still their weakest DLC. They didn't even give us a new place to explore, just recycled old ones. Totally not cool. I also downloaded some random fan dungeons, most of which are ok. Nothing I really feel compelled to finish, though Classic Week is a neat idea. Unfortunatly, since you're not actually playing with real AI, it makes some of the boss fights hella-hard. >< I'm stuck right now on a pair that has some major hits. And since I have to control all of the characters, makes it hard to control the battle. If this really was four players, it would be doable. Oh well.

Am excited about Dragon Age 2, will definatlly pre-order that after holiday season. Really short on cash right now. >< Oh, and found out Dungeon Siege 3 is being made. By Square Enix. WANT. The one thing I thought was really lacking in the first two was in-depth story. Yeah, they both had a story and it was pretty good. But it was at heart a dungeon crawl, which doesn't really lend itself to true story-telling. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both of them, but I'm really excited about a SE produced Dungeon Siege! So, that got added to my wish list. Which is getting really long, and I don't think anything's be bought from it. ^^; Ah well, at least I can keep track of things I want and hopefully get them some day.
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Dragon Age fun

So, downloaded latest DLC for Dragon Age. And it was....abrupt. I dunno, I knew it wouldn't be as long as Awakenings, but it only took me 30 minutes and I thought for this one, they'd make it a little longer with a better ending. I mean, it's about Morrigan, one of the main characters. You'd think it'd be a better ending than "Your book's over there along with something else you'll find interesting, kthanxbye!" From what I understand, it was supposed to be the last DLC, so it was kinda sucky to leave it so open like that. Just be self-contained or part of the main story, that would be awesome.

Also downloaded Leliana's Song, which I found entertaining. At least that one had a finish to it, though it may be odd that I mostly want to know what happened to Scratch. I liked him, he was good character. ^_^;

Anyways, not much else. Still trying to work on a portfolio, though I've narrowed it down somewhat and I'm just trying to make the pages for the physical one. Making the online one will be a bit longer since there's more I have to do to it, but I can make some of the thumbnails now to cut down on time later. Blarugh. ><
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