Welp, dubird designs is up! I'm working on the free graphics archive at the moment. Then, I'll move on to DB Skins. Actually, I'm kinda excited about that. I had it up at Crosswinds at one point, but naturally, it got deleted. -_-; Oh well, at least it'll be up on a much better site.

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Well, DB Flash is up! I'm not sure which I'll do next, dbSkins or dubird designs. Heck, I might just be able to do both of them tonight! ^_^ Actually, designs will go up first because I've already finished the layout for it. Of course, actually fixing it up will take a while. *rolls eyes*

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Stumbled onto a good little site from Australia: MooQuack.com. It's worth it for the SPOTD reports.

I should get paid more here. After all, not only am i the webmaster/all around grad student, i'm also the frellin' secretary. I can't wait until January when we actually get a secretary! I've got better things to do with my time than answer the damn phone. -_-;

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