I have some submitted skins! There's a couple of Winamp skins, and a few Yahoo Messenger ones that my brother's gf sent me. They're guinea pigs! Kawaii!! ^_^ Go check them out! I'm also working on putting up my Trigun site on here. Shouldn't take me to long though. I hope. *crosses fingers*

01/21/02 23:56, by , Categories: dubird.net

OK, the ark is up and running. I've done an IE and a Netscape version of both dubird.net and the ark. I've also added a new site: Gundam Wing Fandom Support. Not that anything will come of it, but i thought i'd give it a try. There's still some things i'd like to work on, but the base ark is up.

01/10/02 22:33, by , Categories: dubird.net

Redid dbSkins. I think I like the new layout MUCH better! Very simple, yet elegant. I may have to do something similar and put it up for free. We'll see. Anyhoo, I've gotten all of the ark downloaded, now I just have to go through it and get rid of a lot of old stuff. That will take me a bit, but I'll try and get that part done tonight. I'll be moving stuff starting tomorrow, and I'd like to have the hardest part of the ark taken care of so it won't take me as long to put it all up.

01/04/02 15:09, by , Categories: dubird.net

I'm back from vacation! Of course, now i've got a ton left to do around moving. *grumble* I've decided to do a new layout for here, but what it will be I don't know yet. I'll work on that tonight after I update the gwg. That shouldn't take to long though. Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a great holday break!

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Ok, I'm at my parent's house right now. I've set their resolution up to 1024X730, and downloaded Arial Narrow. And this still looks like crap! I have no idea why either b/c it looked just fine on my own computer and the one at work. So I think that when I get back I'll have to concentrate on fixing that up so it all fits like it's supposed to. I shall be very put out if it doesn't!! *grumble*

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