OK, I don't know if it was fate or something else, but no more snow!!! o.@ So, that leaves us with another layout. Also, I'm learning how to skin a site in PHP!! Right now, I've only actually got one layout, but once I can settle down and make some more, I'll put them up. An announce them here. ^_^
I'm currently recovering from Christmas. Actually, the shopping bit wasn't all that bad this year. I built my sister a computer (salavged from and old box I had), and it works pretty good. Since she's not a gamer, and only needs it to write papers on, she was happy with it.

The real problem this year was the weather! For the first time in about 3 or years or so, we had a white Christmas! Now, don't get me wrong, I loved it. It was beautiful! But there's actually a bit more danger involved in a winter weather down here in the south. First of all, since this is not something that happens every year, we simply don't have the equipment to handle it. We have attachments that can go on road scrapers and dumptrucks. That's about it! So if the roads get really bad, it takes a few days before they can be fixed. The second reason is that people don't know how to drive on ice and snow!! For some reason, if more than a few months exist between snowfalls, people just forget how to drive on it. If they ever did in the first place. -_-; Which, between those two reasons, makes winter weather pretty dangerous down here. Fortunatly, there weren't any really bad wrecks, but that's because it was Christmas. Everyone was at home after Christmas Eve, when it froze over really bad. I guess I should be glad we had a white Christmas, and I guess on some level I am. But damn I hate driving in winter weather!!! o.@

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I guess I'll keep this for now. It does look nice to me. And this way, maybe I'll be motivated to work on Abnormal Days more often. ^_^;;

In other news, the gwg is mostly moved over here. The galleries are staying where they're at b/c I simply don't have room here. They're that big. o.O But the rest has been moved over. And I have a muse! Life is good. ^_^?

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ok. this'll sound weird, but i'm starting to get tired of lavendar. don't get me wrong, it's a pretty color. but i think i need something new. but i have no idea what. o.O i'll have to play around some. to bad i'm not very good at drawing. if i could just draw something i liked a lot and used it, i'd be happy! i may have to play around tonight after class.

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Yes! I think I've gotten all the colors fixed for the new layout! Being sick didn't help. That's why it took me so long. -_-; Anyhoo, working on some new page sets for the free graphics site, as well as working on getting some other things up here. Yay!

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new layout!....well, it's not all up yet, but the IE version is....that's why the colors don't quite match all the way around yet....but they will soon...i just have the my stuff together and work on it!...^_^.....

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