I guess I'll keep this for now. It does look nice to me. And this way, maybe I'll be motivated to work on Abnormal Days more often. ^_^;;

In other news, the gwg is mostly moved over here. The galleries are staying where they're at b/c I simply don't have room here. They're that big. o.O But the rest has been moved over. And I have a muse! Life is good. ^_^?

02/13/02 13:01, by , Categories: dubird.net

ok. this'll sound weird, but i'm starting to get tired of lavendar. don't get me wrong, it's a pretty color. but i think i need something new. but i have no idea what. o.O i'll have to play around some. to bad i'm not very good at drawing. if i could just draw something i liked a lot and used it, i'd be happy! i may have to play around tonight after class.

02/04/02 08:44, by , Categories: dubird.net

Yes! I think I've gotten all the colors fixed for the new layout! Being sick didn't help. That's why it took me so long. -_-; Anyhoo, working on some new page sets for the free graphics site, as well as working on getting some other things up here. Yay!

01/31/02 10:58, by , Categories: dubird.net

new layout!....well, it's not all up yet, but the IE version is....that's why the colors don't quite match all the way around yet....but they will soon...i just have the my stuff together and work on it!...^_^.....

01/24/02 16:45, by , Categories: dubird.net

I have some submitted skins! There's a couple of Winamp skins, and a few Yahoo Messenger ones that my brother's gf sent me. They're guinea pigs! Kawaii!! ^_^ Go check them out! I'm also working on putting up my Trigun site on here. Shouldn't take me to long though. I hope. *crosses fingers*

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