Sorry. Didn't have anything to report on Monday! ^_^;; Anyhoo, I just finished putting up a new layout for the ark. I rather like it. *G* I also added a bunch of new fanfiction to the gwg you might want to check out if you like GW.

I've also discovered Rosaleen's motherboard has been what's causing my computer problems. At least, we're pretty sure that's what it is. I reinstalled Windows, and the same problems happened, so it's not Windows. However, after a bit of surgery, hopefully she'll be ok. *rolls eyes* Welp, off to try and play some Dungeon Siege!

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I've updated the ark. Added a few new pics and my new Trigun fic. I may change the look of that one, too! ^_^; What I'm thinking of doing is turning this into a blog/domain/collective, and leaving the personal stuff to the ark. I'll still blog here for the simple reason that you can start out here, get any updates I've done, and then go to the corrsponding site. I dunno. I'll work on it on Monday. Gotta get ready for work now. *blah*

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Added a new skin! Who knows, I may do a new skin each week if I get inspired. Contemplation was kinda inspired by Myst III: Exile music. *G* I need to go through and update the ark. I'm keeping it seperate. But I've gotten some new art that really needs to go up! ^_^;

In other site news: well, nothing much. Gotta update the gwg still. Don't really have much to go there. And I've REALLY gotta finish my current Trigun fic because I already have another one in mind. *rolls eyes* Sometimes, the creative streak just gets annoying, ya know? ^_^;;;

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Happy New Year! I guess. I dunno. Enjoy it or else?

As you can tell, I'm a bit tired. I hate being cross-trained!! *grumble* But on the plus side, I'll have a nice paycheck out of this week, so it's not to bad I guess.

For site news: desert eyes has been updated and revamped with a whole new look! I rather like it. *G* The gwg has also been skinned, so that's got some neat stuff on that. I've got some stuff to do today, so I can't really work on any site. However, if you're really curious about my creative side, I'll be adding some stuff up here at some point. I don't know why, but another response would be why not? ^_^;

On the personal note: I am a happy person. I finally got a burner working and copied all my Trigun to my HD. So yes, part of what I have to do today envolves watching Trigun again. :P

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I'm currently trying to decide if I should merge my domain and dubird's ark. The ark has been my personal site ever since I started making webpages, so I really don't want to take it down. But it's almost redundant over there by itself. After all, this is turning into my main personal site. Oh well. If I do merge them, I'll change the name of this to the ark, and leave the rest of what's here alone.

In other site news: I've redone desert eyes. I figure with Trigun finally making it's way to American TV (even if I do hate Vash's English voice), Trigun fanbase will take a very big leap. And hopefullly, more people will see that site. ^_^ The gwg is also going to get a makeover soon. Well, not really much of one, but I'm skinning that site too. It should look pretty darn good when I get done. *G*

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