Hmmm. Well, I finally got my new motherboard in. And my computer works!! *dance of joy* I even got FrontPage working with my webs again!! ^_^ However, I still can't use FTP. o.O So, I may be changing this a little bit. Find out where blogger can FTP to, and use an include. Heck, it's PHP. It'll handle it!

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Gaaahhh!! Why can't I access the gwg?? *grumbles under her breath*

Other than that, I've not got much to report. Working on a new skin for here, trying to decide if I want to use it or not. I've also got a new picture I've got to scan in and color. I just haven't felt like doing that for a while. *shrugs* Oh well.

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For the first time ever, the gwg has exceeded it's bandwidth. OMG!! I'm not sure if I should be mad that I don't have enough bandwidth, or happy that enough people visited that it used up my bandwidth! o.O

Anyhoo, just thought I'd mention that. Added a couple of new sites to my webgroup today. Other than that, I've not had much to update. I really need to get my sketchbook back out and start back with AD. -_-;

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This is just increadbly weird. Funny, but weird! o.O Oh, and there is an English version so you can see what they're saying.

Sorry, just had to post that! ^_^;;

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Sorry. Didn't have anything to report on Monday! ^_^;; Anyhoo, I just finished putting up a new layout for the ark. I rather like it. *G* I also added a bunch of new fanfiction to the gwg you might want to check out if you like GW.

I've also discovered Rosaleen's motherboard has been what's causing my computer problems. At least, we're pretty sure that's what it is. I reinstalled Windows, and the same problems happened, so it's not Windows. However, after a bit of surgery, hopefully she'll be ok. *rolls eyes* Welp, off to try and play some Dungeon Siege!

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