Wow. I'm sorry. Not that anyone checks out this site, but for the very few that stumble onto it, I apologize for not updating in a month. -_-; Ended up with a virual infection that had me out of whack for several weeks. Still not quite over it, but I'm a hell of a lot better than I was!!

Anyhoo, on to updates. I have redone Dubird Designs. Well, I have a new layout for it. I still have to go through and update the portfolio! ^_^;; I also had an idea for a new layout for this site I'm going to work on later. If it turns out good, I'll set it as the main skin, since I've had this one for a while! Ummmm, what else....I'm working on a tutorial for coloring pictures with the computer, specificly Paint Shop Pro 7. If I can find the images I made for it, that is! I'm also working on a group blog project that will hopefully end in a good fanfic, but that's kinda iffy. Right now, we're just setting it up for the heck of it. *G* More on that when it goes live. Other than that, I've not been doing much of anything except being sick and working. *rolls eyes* Oh, I am going to a mini anime con this Saturday!! I don't expect it to be very much, but it's only $8 and close enough to my parent's house I can stay there and get to spend some time at home. So that's good! I'll let ya know how it all goes. ^_^

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I spent most of the day watching South Park. Dude. o.@ And, last week I was sick. Which is why there have been no updates lately. However, I'm working on a new layout for here. And it's one I might adapt to dubird designs. I think the 'pink' look I had for it is done and over with!

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EEEEE!!!!! I finally got all of Yami no Matsuei!!!!! And I watche it all!!! *jumps up and down* And I really liked it and Tsuzuki is too cool and Hisoka is so sweet and Muraki is even more fucked up than I thought!! ^_^;;;


Anyhoo, Happy UnValentine's Day! *that's for those of us w/out a sweetie and are not going to be looking desperatly for one just to celebrate a holiday to buy cards for* The GWG has a couple new holiday layouts. They're only up for the weekend, so better check 'em out soon!

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YES!!!! I got it to work!! *dance of joy* Now, no one speak to loudly, or it might upset it. ^_^;;;

Anyhoo, new stuff installed, and now that I can blog again, I feel better. I'm not really planning on doing anything for Valentines. Actually, I'm an Un-Valentine's Day person. *shrugs* Valentines is only fun if you already have a sweetie, and since I don't, it has not special meaning to me. Except that I'll be working my ass off this week at work. o.@;

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Hmmm. Well, I finally got my new motherboard in. And my computer works!! *dance of joy* I even got FrontPage working with my webs again!! ^_^ However, I still can't use FTP. o.O So, I may be changing this a little bit. Find out where blogger can FTP to, and use an include. Heck, it's PHP. It'll handle it!

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