Lesson learned

I'm not going to harp on the election and results, enough people are doing it that the drama llamas are working overtime. But I will comment on one thing I've learned from all of this.

No matter how much we as a country believe that progress has been made in areas of gender and race equality, the fact that enough people voted in a racist, misogynist sociopath as our president says we haven't come nearly as far as we think we have. And that makes me a sad panda.

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Dear Customer

Why are you sending me text to format into the letterhead when it's just as easy for you to type in the letterhead instead of sending me a regular word file with what you want??

Love, Dubird

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Dear Customer

Ok, I know that you know how to print. I've seen you do it. So why are you sending me a PDF file to print out for you??
Love, Dubird

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Process Learning

You know, it's really weird to realize that while you're good at what you do and the final outcome works, the process you learned isn't correct. That's essentially what I've been learning in this degree: what the correct process is for designing things. So for practice, I downloaded Balsmiq and played with that to work out a new layout for here.

Yeah, that's really weird to do!! I used it for work and it will hopefully be helpful, but I'm so used to doing layout and design TOGETHER that making the base wireframe layout without designing the graphical look just feels alien to me. My process in the past has been I see a layout framework that I like, I go into whatever graphics program I'm using and start building. Choosing color scheme, placing elements, etc. I never did a wireframe before because I already know (mostly) what the actual layout framework was. Sometimes I'd find that certain changes needed to be made for the site I'm making it for, but I always did that with the design elements because it helped me see it better. Which may be why doing a wireframe first feels weird. Without having that color and design elements to use, I have trouble seeing where it all goes. This has bled over to ALL the sites I do, which is making it harder to make them. (well, that, and learning HTML5)

Still, it's a learning process and maybe it'll feel more comfortable the more I do it. Or, maybe it will only feel comfortable when I'm working on other people's websites. We'll see.

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Book Report - Silence

Haven't done one in a while, but there were a few things about this one that bugged me.

Silence is one of the latest in the SERRAted Edge series, and one co-authored by Mercedes Lackey. Now, I loved the first few in the series, and while most of her books are aimed at younger audiences than I am, I like the stories. She does a good job with making the characters people, and they're good quick lunch reads. However, some of her recent books haven't been as good, and this one is probably the worst of hers that I've read. Granted, it was co-authored, so I have no idea how much of that was her and how much was the other author, but yeah. While the actual premise of the book was good and had potential, it was presented very poorly. Spoilers ahead, as usual. Also, trying something new; added reaction .gifs for the hell of it. Let me know if it's annoying or amusing. ^_^

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