Is it just me, or is that side navigation growing longer? *G*

Sorry. The more I try and organize things, the more I seem to add. o.@ Oh well. At least it's getting interesting! Well, I can be decieving myself, but I'll take it that I'm right.

In other news, as long as my bonus check next month is enough, I'm going to Quakecon! ^_^

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Made a new layout for the ark. I really like it, too! I'm not going to combine the two. Well, not really. The ark is mostly going to be for my creative personal stuff. Art, writings, that kind of thing. The fun stuff is still there under Procrastination, but the majority of the site will be dedicated to my creative stuff.

As far as this site goes, I may be adding some random things from time to time. I started an 'anime' section, which is basicly my opinion of various anime that I've seen, both good and bad. *shrugs* If you're curious as to what I like, that might be interesting.

06/06/03 17:25, by , Categories: dubird.net

Ok, someone did suggest combining this and the ark. *sighs* I really don't know. I mean, the ark has been my site since I started making websites. I don't want to change sensory deprivation either, because I really like the name. But the truth is, it really is a good idea. Although, I'm thinking I might be turning the ark into more of an art site for my bad art. Hey, after seeing some of the stuff that gets put up online, I don't feel to bad anymore. I may not draw to good, but I can CG well. Now I can anyways! ^_^;

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woot! King's Quest rocks! Even if the third one is impossible to finish. I'm on number 6 again. Hey, I had an attack of nostalgia! :P

In other news, I've been working on graphics by dubird again. New layout, one that's eaiser to use, and I've finished several new layouts. One in generic called -rose- (on page 6) REALLY came out nice!! I'd use it myself, but I like my current layout. Well, for now. If I get bored with it, I'll make something similar for this site. Although it is a bit of a pain making it all line with div layers. o.O Oh well. Still eaiser than using a table in some cases. Notice i didn't say ALL. ^_^;;

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Holy shmolies! Don't ask how, but I'm able to send it directly to the main folder again. Now, no one speak to loud or you might scare it!!

And yes. New layout. I just can't decide what to do with this. I mean, I have sites for everything I'm interested in, as well as a few other random sites. I keep my LJ account simply because I do have a few friends that post there, so I don't need this blog for personal stuff. And the only sites I update semi-regularly are my GW site and my Trigun site. No one's interested in anything about my personal stuff, so the ark doesn't get updated to often. And I can't really think of anything cool to do here. After all, I have trouble getting on and doing weekly updates sometimes. *sighs* Sometimes, I just want to scrap it all and unplug my computer. But then, insanity takes hold again and I'm back on. Besides, after all the trouble I went through to get Rosaleen 2 working again, I kinda hate to just turn her off. Anyhoo, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to hear them!!

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