Quakecon report: I'm going! Ken and I are driving down and we'll be there for almost a week. Now, I will be helping out for some of the setup, but I've also got some family things to take care of while I'm down there. But I'll be there for the main competition, as well as the Ms Quakecon toruny, in which I suspect I'll suck royally. Incidently, I'm also being interviewed by Lady Gamers! ^_^;

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I love the song Dive. Just thought I'd mention that. ^_^;;

Updated the shop with a few new things. I've also been playing around with some more graphics and pictures. I may not be able to draw very well, but I've gotten pretty darn good at fixing up my drawings with the computer. I'm actually rather proud of that. *G*

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Hey, I got a shop! ^_^; Ok, so there's not much good stuff there. I got it to see how CafePress works in case Dean wants to use it. I figured, why not? *G* There are some catgirl shirts, as well as a logo hat. Heh. If you have some money to burn, go check it out. And if you have any suggestions, let me know!

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Woah, new Blogger stuff! o.O Purty, though.

Lets see, what's new? Nothing much, I'm afraid. Just haven't felt like being online lately. Though, I will pimp The CorteX, Conway's first gaming center! I'm helping the guy who owns it out with various stuff, including the website. If you're in the Little Rock area and are interested in LAN parties and gaming tournaments, check the site out.

Hmm. Not much else. I haven't added any new anime ramblings yet, though I really do need to. I took off the ones that I hadn't put up yet so it doesn't look quite as messy. The biggest problem with those is that I'll need to go and watch the series again to write a good description, and I haven't had time lately. Oh well.

Quakecon news: it's up in the air. If I'm still here, I'm probally going. I'm staying with a really good friend down there, so all it'll cost me is gas and food. However, if I do get the job in Springdale (a VERY slim possibility at this point), I don't know if I can swing it. I'll have to talk my parents into borrowing their car just for Saturday and Sunday. So I dunno yet. We'll see.

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Is it just me, or is that side navigation growing longer? *G*

Sorry. The more I try and organize things, the more I seem to add. o.@ Oh well. At least it's getting interesting! Well, I can be decieving myself, but I'll take it that I'm right.

In other news, as long as my bonus check next month is enough, I'm going to Quakecon! ^_^

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