Abnormal Days updated! I had an idea for a cheezy story line I can do. So I'm doing it. I'll actually be able to update on time for a few weeks I think.

In other news....um....well....I got Bawls! Big blue frosty Bawls! *runs away*

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Skins are back! ^_^ I finally got around to going through and fixing up all the skins. Since three of them use a Javascript menu, that was a pain in the butt. -_-; But they're back. Now, when I do a new layout, I'll add the skin and change the enter image. Then again, I might change it anyways from time to time just for the heck of it.

In other news, my email is back! I had a bit of trouble with sending an email and it crashed my Pegasus. It took me a few days to find out how to fix it. Fortunatly, there was a very helpful person at the site that pointed me in the right direction. So that's all good. I've also added a new layout at graphics by dubird. It's from some anime I'd never heard of, but the picture just called out for me to do something with. So I did.

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This is the coolest thing. Next time I need sneakers, I'm going to try and do this. Just gotta save up the money first! ^_^;

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Version DOS. Yeah, kinda odd. I may not keep it long. But I was feeling nostalgic lately. Ahhh, the days of good ole' WordPerfect 5.0 DOS! I learned how to type with that. ^_^; I was going to do a Minesweeper layout, but I couldn't get it looking just right. *shrugs* Oh well.

In other news, not much else going on. *nods* Yep, just workin' my way through the anime I snagged at Quakecon, and really ticked off that DNAngel isn't all fansubbed yet. */me on pins and needles* Oh, I did finally update Abnormal Days, so the link is up there under Sites. Of course, you may not actually see the update until tomorrow. *grumble* But I'm going to try and actually update from time to time as I can.

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Ok, a bit late, but I'm back from Quakecon! ^_^ My little blurb:

i really had a blast...well, except for the Ms. Quakecon thing which was very emberrasing for me, playing wise........and of course SF's ac crapping out on the way up....ever driven 6 hours in Texas/Arkansas Augest heat?....don't.....i think i ended up with mild head exhasution, which is why i'm so tired......

but that aside, it was even better than JCon, which i never thought i'd say....the BYOC was simply stunning....when they post the panormaics that were made, i'll post the link.....1750 people brought computers to play.....we ran over 7 miles of CAT5 cable, and Crimp Nation spend 19 hours crimping ends.....o.@.....they got special shirts, and boy did they deserve it!......

the hotel we stayed at was huge and POSH!.....i mean, really nice....they were kinda stingy with us, but then again, we were new there....up until this year, Quakecon had taken place in Mesquite, and they loved it b/c the players would fill up that hotel, and most of the hotels in the area.....the staff did prove snack bars for us from time to time...really expenisve ones, but better than nothing....espically since there was a serious lack of vending machines.....they also provided us with snacks during the final round of the 1vs1 tourney, as well as a bar....i don't know if we'll go there again this year, but it was sure was nice having a huge room for the BYOC...even if it was long walk from some of the rooms.........

the Doom III preview was also there....yes, it's progressed to the point that they have working demo and lots of people got to play it....i don't know how it was as i didn't get a chance, but SF can tell ya.....they also had Call of Duty being displayed there, as well as some mini-tourny by You Play Games for Return to Castle Wolfenstien......NVidia gave away lots of video cards, and Alienware was there as well....they brought a bunch of machines a bunch of people got to play Q3 on.....nice!!!.......they also had a 'Mr. Sinus Theatre 3000' there Saturday night....it's like MST3K, but live....they did the Terminator....and they did a pretty good job...heh...eyebrows....*snicker*....

as for free shwag, between SF and i we got almost 5 cases of Bawls (he paid for one, the rest was shwag), probally close to 20 t-shirts, i think 10 mousepads, 3 bunjees, 4 hats, and some other random stuff.....oh, and box of NVidia cups.....about 30 or so.....if you count up the monitary cost of all that we ended up with, we were MORE than amply compesnated for going.....


I don't feel like cleaning it up, so you'll just have to deal with it. :P Needless to say, I had a blast, and I'm going to do everything in my power to go again next year!

In other news, I've been getting tons of emails loaded with one of the new worms making it's way around the internet. Fortunatly, I talked to my host, and they're in the process of blocking that from the accounts, so by Monday I hopefully won't be getting them anymore. You know, I've had a few issues with my host, but on the whole, I'm very happy with their support system. If I can't get help with email, I can call just about any time and get help that way. Very, very nice!

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