For the few that visit, apologies for the odd downtimes. Several people have had that problem, so my host is moving everyone to new and updated servers. When that happens, there shouldn't be anymore downtime. ^_^;

Lets see here...what else?

Went and saw Last Samuri a few days ago. A most EXCELLENT movie, definatly one you want to go and see! The plot and story were well written, and the characters were very well thought-out and acted. I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but he did a very good job in this one.

Other than that, not really anything going on here. Except I am reminded yet again just how awesome Duran Duran is. *nods* Excellent base, singable lyrics, and catchy melodies. Most excellent.

And my gawd, this keyboard is loud! Had to dig out an old one b/c my good one stopped working. I can hear it over my headphones. o.@

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Tales of the Criminally Inept:

A few months ago we had a guy come into where I work and order a large t-bone steak. He handed me $100 bill and after I had cashed it and was about to give him his change back, he started complaning about the price. So, I handed him back his $100 and he started to leave. After I had closed my drawer, he came back in and said he had changed his mind, but only handed me a $1 bill. Well, I was confused because I wasn't entierly sure if I had given him back his $100 so I called a manager over. She explained to the guy that we would have to audit my drawer to make sure I had the correct change, and we did so. Well, he had already given me the money for the t-bone steak, so I knew I had that in my drawer. But as we were counting my drawer, he left, and never came back. He was apparently trying to cheat me out of about $80 by confusing me, but because I called a manager over to help, we caught what he was doing. He had left, so we couldn't do anything about, so we just figured he wouldn't be back.

But back he did come. Tonight, actually. I didn't recognize him at first until he had placed his order, and when he handed me a $100, I got suspecious. Just like last time, he complained the price was wrong and I handed him back his $100 and he started to leave. As I was putting his change back, he came back with a $1 bill and asked about the price again. I explained it to him and showed him on the ticket how much it was, and he said OK, he'd take it. I knew it was the same guy then, but just to be sure I went through all the money I had in my hand and what I had put back in the drawer to look for the $100 bill again, just in case I was wrong. I didn't find it, so this time I just said I'd have to get a manager over here because I was confused. He stormed out at that point and didn't come back. This time, I knew I had given him his $100 back because I never drop anything until I've shut my drawer. Not to mention that the manager did a pull on my drawer before he even came in and took all the $100's I had dropped in my little safe, and we didn't find another one after we shut down. So, yet again, I have foiled his attmepts to scam us out of some money.

What cracks me up is that he came back, saw it was me, and proceded to pull almost the exact same stunt! I mean, did he really think I wouldn't recognize him? After all, that first time he was bitching and complaining all over the place. Not to mention he was trying the same stunt. If he comes in again, I'm telling the manager to call the police. Once is dumb enough. Twice is really stupid, and if he comes in a third time, I think the police would want to talk to him. Oh well. That's my day in a nutshell. I foiled an evil plot to scam the resturant where I have a crappy job I hate. Who'd've thunk?

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Ooiiiii. I hate Arkansas winters. Seriously. I mean, until yesterday, we were having nice 60-degree weather. Yesterday, I wake up to 40-degree sheeting rain. WTF?? I can understand winter being cold. That's normal. But not getting cold until November? And, later this week, the weather's supposed to warm back up! *grrrr*

I think this is what my cold or whatever came from. Day before yesterday, I was feeling fine. Yesterday I woke up sneezing and I've been miserable ever since. *rolls eyes* If I could just stop sneezing, I'd feel better.

Oh well. On to real news. Sortta. I've done my round of updateing on my sites. Got a lot of fandom added to the gwg, as well as the next comic. Changing how those are going to update, too, so maybe I'll feel better about all of it. I think the problem is that I have to many sites. But I can't help it!! ^_^;; Ah, well. I do love my babies. *hugs her sites*

In gaming news, finished KotOR as dark side. It's hilarious!!! I felt kinda bad because I killed some of my party members, but the ending is pretty funny.

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Just blah.

For those keeping track, I didn't get to update the comic last week. I'll do it later tonight or tomorrow when I get off work. I've been very sick lately, so I just haven't felt like doing much at all.

Lets see, anything else? Well, I watched Colorful last night. Now that is a very scary glimpse into the male psyche. Funny though! Gawd, I laughed so hard at parts of it. It's for the college crowd, so don't let the kiddies watch!

Uhhh...that's about it. I'm up at the CorteX right now and I'm kinda bored. I just got rid of a headace, so I really shouldn't turn the XBox on to play KotOR right now. So I may go ahead and do a review or two. Maybe.

Oh, in case you were wondering, yes, I did finish KotOR. *G* Now, I must go back and redo it dark side. And light-side-guy. And dark-side-girl. Heh. It hasn't let go yet!

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4 years for the gwg!! ^_^ I'll be offically starting anniversary month on Monday, so if you're into Gundam Wing at all, might want to check it out. Lets see, what else? dubird's ark has a new layout. It features Satoshi from DNAngel, and I really LOVE how it came out! Now that I've finished the series, I like his character so much more, so I'm keep that one for a while. I also finished Frutis Basket recently, so maybe I'll set down and do a review for both of those series.

In other news, the storyline I have going at Abnormal Days is going to be taking a very odd downward spiral. Yeah. Blame Adam. It was all HIS idea!! Ok, so I didn't have to along with it, but...um...yeah. ^_^; Anyways, you'll see what I mean in a few weeks. I'm trying to keep at least two weeks ahead in drawings, so I shouldn't have to many trouble updating. Unless I get sucked back into Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which now has stolen my soul from both Eternal Darkness and DungeonSiege. Yes, KotOR owns me. No, I really don't mind.

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