Been a while, eh? Lets see here, what to write about...

You've probally noticed the new skin. It's not to bad I don't think, but I can do better. One of these days I'll break away from FFXI long enough to do a new one that I like. I removed some skins because I was running out of space, but have since backed up my logs and had them deleted. That freed up over 120 megs on my server. o.@ So I may put them back up. Haven't decided yet. ^_^;

FFXI is still good. I'm frustrated right now because I died twice tonight fighting even matches. EVEN MATCHES!!! I love being a theif, but DAMN it sucks when you can't defeat a bloody even match. *sighs* My connection was really laggy so I didn't want to join a party tonight. I'm hoping that's just a temporary thing, but I'll find out Thursday when I play again.

The devArt Nazis have deleted another entry of mine. It's really getting annoying, too. I can understand a lot of what they've decided not to host. They've taken down any skins made by a skinning program, which I can see the reason to. But now, you can't use ANY pre-existing pictures without posting the permission of that person. For some reason, this includes public domain images. That ticks me off because public domian is just that: public. Why the hell do we have to take those down? Not to mention the wallpaper thing. They've decided that you can't have any anime wallpapers. Including anime-style drawn pictures THAT DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST IN ANY ANIME. My own character, drawn in anime style because that's how I draw, and I can't post her wallpaper I made of her. Next they're going to start targeting fanart of any show or book. Now, some authors don't want fandom done of their works. *coughAnneMcAfferycough* I can respect that. But in the anime genre, fandom is part of what makes it what it is. That's why doujinshi are so popular. They're not written or drawn by the creator of a series, yet that's big business. But since it's 'fandom' of something, how much you want to bet the devArt Nazis are going after that stuff next? Even our otaku senshi will probally taken down. I'm not saying they WILL go after that stuff, but that seems to be where they're heading with the new rules.

Now, granted, it is their site. They can decide what to do and what not to do. And a great many of us, including me, are using this service for free. I do apprecate that. But I think a great deal of the press surronding copyrights have them scared, and it's going to ruin a great community, which will really suck. But as there's nothing I can do about it, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

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Well, now I know what happens when you run out of gas. Fortunatly, it didn't happen in a busy intersection.

Man, I feel like such a retard. -_-;

See, the gas gauge is broken in my truck. However, to fix it would involve replacing the entire dash, an operation that would cost around $600. And that was several years ago. So my dad said the hell with that, and since he had already figured up milage for that truck, we just have to refill the gas every 300 miles. Easy? Well, yeah, if you remember to keep an eye on the damn trip meter. Which I didn't. So I had to pay $40 for a wrecker to come out and give me some gas, because I ran out of gas when everyone was either at work or in class. Joy!

Moral of the story: Keep an eye on your gauges. Even if you think you're ok, check them anyways. Word.

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Look what came in the mail today:

I think they're getting desperate for new customers. They have now made it eaiser to get online! And they put the CD in backwards so the label shows out the back! Woo!

On the other hand, this is a really nice case. I'm going to have to see if I can collect these from some friends.

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Whee!! Internet!! ^_^

I moved a couple weeks ago, and it took ConwayCorp a week and a half before they could come out and turn my cable on. 10 days! No cable! I had to check my few emails from the CorteX! (which, btw, has a new look that I'm very proud of).

So now, I can actually check my stuff here! And update my sites! And you know, I actually have stuff to update. Just updated The Black Star Portal with some new stuff. I fixed up graphics by dubird now that I can access my database again. I also have some stuff to add to the gwg which I'm going to work on now. So yay me! Now, if I could just remember where I put my skins site. -_-;

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For the few that visit, apologies for the odd downtimes. Several people have had that problem, so my host is moving everyone to new and updated servers. When that happens, there shouldn't be anymore downtime. ^_^;

Lets see here...what else?

Went and saw Last Samuri a few days ago. A most EXCELLENT movie, definatly one you want to go and see! The plot and story were well written, and the characters were very well thought-out and acted. I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but he did a very good job in this one.

Other than that, not really anything going on here. Except I am reminded yet again just how awesome Duran Duran is. *nods* Excellent base, singable lyrics, and catchy melodies. Most excellent.

And my gawd, this keyboard is loud! Had to dig out an old one b/c my good one stopped working. I can hear it over my headphones. o.@

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