Episode 3 Trailer

*giggles like a schoolgirl*

And I'll tell ya something. If they kill JarJar, the rest of the movie could suck big red monkey balls, I would still pay to see it over and over and over......*EG*

In other news, I'm reworking my art request site. I'm thinking I'm going to have several artists work on stuff instead of just me. That way, maybe I won't get overwhelmed again. Need to work out the details though, espically the updating part. Urgh.

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Working on cleaning up some of my sites......blaurgh.

Found a nifty little program that is a live, 3D working representation of the Universe as we know it! ^_^ Been playing with that and watching the Earth rotate. Thinking about downloading some of the fun add-ons, including some Star Wars and B5 and Star Trek. *LOL*

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Welcome to the new site! You'll notice lots of new things, including the layout, one I did on the spur of the moment and really love.

The navigation is over on the left, and I'm sure you've noticed the name change. This site, while still being my dinky collective, is now merged with other stuff that I've done, namely the ark. I thought it would be eaiser to keep updated if all my personal stuff is together.

I've taken the skins down and removed lots of things in an effort to keep things clean and use less space. Actually, I'll probally use more space because I want to add my new art, but for now, we'll go with this.

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Saying goodbye...

The Park, one of the first things introduced to me on my first web forays, the place I met my first online friends and even the few people I tried 'dating' online, is now shut down. I haven't visited in probally a couple of years, but it's sad to me to see that. I mean, that's where I learned about chat rooms, where I first earned my title Resident Smartass, and where I learned that you can be good friends with people you've only met online. They're thinking about reopening someday, and I kinda hope they do. I'll probally never see any of my friends there again, but who knows? There's the slightest chance that maybe they'll be back too.

I was going through some of my old bookmarks too. I still have my dinky site at Fortunecity, and one of the pages I had saved on there was bookmarks I wanted to have. Some of these pages are from my second year in college. o.O So, no surprise that a lot of them aren't there. But I did find several old friend's sites that I hadn't seen in a while. Of course, I still have my old ark site online. It'll never be updated, but it's kinda fun to have it up. Besides, all my old online friends had that as my page, not this. Maybe someday one of them will stumble on it again.

God, this reminising is getting depressing.....

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Two new skins! ^_^ I normally don't do anime skins for my personal sites, but I was just so happy with this layout I decided to use it. Made a nifty wallpaper out of it that I'm using too.

Other than that, not much going on. Got very behind updating the gwg. Feel bad about it, but I also don't feel like messing with it. I do have some things to add, so I suppose I should do that this weekend. I'll be at home, so no good computer, so no PSP, so no doing more requests until I get back. Oh well.

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