It's been a long time. Too long. o.O

In case you didn't notice, new layout for fall! Random idea that I like. I'll do the rotating pictures later on though. I kinda liked that.

None of my other sites have really been updated much though. I just haven't felt much like messing with it. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or a bad sign. Blaurgh.

Something a bit new, on the links page is a nice little thing I've got that keeps track of some of the games I've played, and if I'm playing right now. Put a smaller one over to the side, so if you've got Xfire, you can check it out.

I think that's it for the site side. If you want a few more personal tidbits, you can check out the journal. Ta!

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I just realized that the email address the contact form goes to doesn't work anymore. o.@ I'm not at a place I can fix it right now, so go to the gwg for now. Quakecon report later when I get my home comp up again. Ta!

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Here's the rundown.

1. Got tickets for EpII!! Friday night, dressed as Sith. Yeah, baby!

2. Working on new layout for the gwg. God knows I desperatly need to update it.

3. Tabletop Sketches is open again, with new artists! If you want to request, I'd suggest going to them. They're all good artists. Whee. Which reminds me, I need to update some stuff there too. o.@

4. There's some totally weirdly cool about having the MacGuyver theme song as your ringtone.

5. In searching for ringtones, I found a large number of good quality MIDIs that I like. I'm shortening some of them, so I thought I'd stick them up on a site somewhere. Yeah. No sense having them all hanging around my harddrive when I can share them.

I'm trying to focus this blog mostly on site-related news. That way, if you want to know anything about any of my sites (and I don't know why, but just in case), you can come here for updates.

One of these days, I'll get around to writing more fics. *nods* No, really!

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Registered #1889 for Quakecon.

BYOC, here I come! *happy dance*

In other news, not much is happening. Very frustrated with being THF, so I'm leveling Marksmanship with WAR. I'm going through bolts like crazy, so I must get out and farm soon to make me some money. I really want lvl 30. ><

In other news, I made a new avatar. I probally won't use it, but I had to do it. That's a real poptart image from the bag. It said "Do not microwave in pouch." Honestly, what would you have done??

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Some good Star Wars funnies. Heh.

And pity-whore-type rant ahead. Above is the only fun stuff in this post.

Made it to level 28 THF in FFXI, but I doubt I'll be getting any further anytime soon. Fucking people that don't want theifs in their party. *sighs* Very depressing. Wandering around for 3 hours with one 15 minute party doesn't exactly do good for me wanting to stay in the game. But I don't want to leave. This is just about the only thing SF and I do anymore. Every now and then I can convince him to actually go and do something with me. Just to hang out, you know? But most of the time he's playing FFXI. At least if I'm playing to he'll actually talk to me sometimes. It sucks coming in second to a game. A great game, yes, but still. A game. *sighs* I was hoping with a new job I could start putting my life back together. But I still get really depressed from time to time. I'm lonely a lot, and that's not good. But I don't know what to do about it. Every time I try to go somewhere and meet new people, it doesn't work. Everyone's like 'oh, just go out and be yourself and it'll be fine!' Bullshit. It is NOT fine. No one fucking hears me, I think there's something wrong with my voice because whenever I just try and get in there and talk to people, they don't fucking hear me. I can never really think of something to say, and everytime I try, I get weird looks, like "who the hell do you think you are?" type of looks. SF's not excited about Quakecon but I am. And I'll tell you why. It's been the only experince in my life where I can actually get into a group and not be invisible. I can still do my own thing, but there's actually people there that want to hang out with me. There's really only one person here, and he's busy most of the time. Gawd I hate being this lonely. *sighs* That's why I get annoyed when people seem to think I just don't try to make friends. I do. I just suck at it. I'm not a good friend, and I know it. I just hate being alone.

And for some reason, every time I come into Fan's, just about everyone leaves the room. What the hell? I'm starting to really get paranoid.....

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