Ok, now I'm annoyed.

My site got updated server-wise. Fine. It's on Plesk for Linux. Fine. I have a list of scripts that can be autoinstalled for me (a short list, but that's a new thing for this hosting account). Awesome!

Did they tell me they were going to do this? No. Did everything move over correctly? No.

Naturally, stuff has gone wrong. Any user accounts configured previously don't work. The files are still there, they're actually listed as users, but the sites don't work. I can't figure out how to configure them so they work again. WTF??? I don't mind upgrades, espically since I now have lots of space that I didn't have before. But why upgrade when it's going to mess stuff up?

Yeah, not a happy camper here.

In other news, saw V for Vendetta. Very good movie, could've used more action, but had really wonderful character development. Didn't get teary or anything, but I was on edge to find out what would happen. Good stuff.

I have also injured my wrist. Rah. My right wrist, oddly enough. Usually it's my left. I suspect tendon damage. If it's not better by Wednesday, doctor time.


New Site: sketchBlog - Random sketchs from me in an attempt to better my drawings. Probally not to good, but yeah.

Updated: Not really any recently. Going to fix that soon, though.

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Well now.

I've gotten a new layout up, and it looks dreadfully empty. I can't figure out what else I can add. I'd like to find a way to have links that update when I update other blogs on this account. That way you can tell when I've update the gwg and my ffxi site. The only problem is figuring out how to make it updated automaticly. I'm thinking that if blogger.com has RSS feeds, that might be my answer. If I can work it out, that'll go over to the side as well. Can anyone thing of anything else I should add?

Edit: Did some tinkering around, and fixed it up. Me likes it. *nods*

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Well, I've got the holiday layout up! Whee.

Happy Everything!

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The ark is resurrected as my gallery site. Next step is actually updating it. The newest thing on there is from about two years ago. o.O

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Just in case anyone's interested, I've updated the store a little bit. Added some new shirts. Random stuff, but I thought was worth doing. *nods*

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