Got me a costume for AI! Well, mostly done. Gotta hit the store and get a few odds and ends, but the main sewing is done. Still don't like the sleeves, but they'll be ok.

In other news, Boo Sinus Infections! I wish I could get rid of it. ><


New Sketch: None in a while. Damn real world. >< Updated Sites: the gwg and it's about time! *ahem*

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I actually updated this site! ^_^;

Yeah, I went through the site and tidied up a few things. The header up top is one you'll notice. Rearranged that. I also changed the otm box. For those that don't know, that stands for 'of the moment'. I don't do weeklies or anything like that because I won't remember to change them every week. So I do 'otm' and change it when I remember.

I also went through the links page. I got rid of the broken links and expanded on the page quite a bit. I'm sure there's things I'm forgetting to put up on there, but at least I got an organized page now.


New Sketch: Serenity
Updated Sites: This one! ^_^

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Ok, been awhile. Sorry 'bout that! ^_^;

Anyhoo, been going through my sites and figuring out what I want to do. Silverbird Productions is moving and getting a major update. It'll basicly be any AMV, Movies (from the game) and other videos I do. Eventually, I'll get off my butt and work on it.

Anime Eyes has a new layout and I went through and cleaned out the member list. I also found out that a majority of the people that applied to join over the past year are stupid. Very stupid. I mean, it's a web group. For websites. You need a website to put the code on. Doesn't that suggest to you that the website address should be entered on the form in the space provided? *rolls eyes* That was a lot of stupid to wade through. Grr.

TTS is back! And I'm actually accepting requests again. Hopefully, I won't get swamped again.

I'm going to Anime Iowa in August! ^_^ Quakecon is out for this year, mostly because they still haven't announced date or location. Yeah. I doubt the fact that this years Quakecon is going to be so small is going to kill it, but I'll bet it'll make it harder to find sponsers next year. *rolls eyes*

I think that's about it. Catch ya'll later!


New Sketch: Serenity
Updated Sites: TTS, Anime Eyes

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Site Recovery = complete!

After two weeks of me going back and forth with hosting company, everything that was supposed to work is now working.

*rolls eyes*

Now that I've got that functional, I'm going through and re-evaluating some of my sites. Basicly seeing which ones I want to keep going with.

Which reminds me, I'm looking for someone to take over member management of Anime Eyes. If you're interested, please contact me!


New Sketch: Dragon in Color
Updates: Now that everything is up, I'm working on actual content updates. More on that later.

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8 days later.....

Ok, a majority of the site is functional again. I'm still not happy with the level of support I recieved, and I'll probally be writing a stern email to that effect later on.

I have also discovered that HostRocket is offering unlimited bandwidth for a darn good price. I would go with Ancient Clan if it wasn't for that. That's where my design site and the gwg are, anyways, and I'm happy with them.

Gee, how many links can I put here? We'll find out soon!


Anyways, TTS is heading for a makeover as soon as the mascot contest is over. I'll post on that over there after I get off work. The GWG is needing a makeover too. That's next on my list.

Other than that, not much else going on site-wise. I have some plans that I'm working on. We'll see how those work out later.

New Sketch: DDR Sapphire
Updated Sites: Not really any recently. Going to fix that soon, though.

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