I actually updated this site! ^_^;

Yeah, I went through the site and tidied up a few things. The header up top is one you'll notice. Rearranged that. I also changed the otm box. For those that don't know, that stands for 'of the moment'. I don't do weeklies or anything like that because I won't remember to change them every week. So I do 'otm' and change it when I remember.

I also went through the links page. I got rid of the broken links and expanded on the page quite a bit. I'm sure there's things I'm forgetting to put up on there, but at least I got an organized page now.


New Sketch: Serenity
Updated Sites: This one! ^_^

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Ok, been awhile. Sorry 'bout that! ^_^;

Anyhoo, been going through my sites and figuring out what I want to do. Silverbird Productions is moving and getting a major update. It'll basicly be any AMV, Movies (from the game) and other videos I do. Eventually, I'll get off my butt and work on it.

Anime Eyes has a new layout and I went through and cleaned out the member list. I also found out that a majority of the people that applied to join over the past year are stupid. Very stupid. I mean, it's a web group. For websites. You need a website to put the code on. Doesn't that suggest to you that the website address should be entered on the form in the space provided? *rolls eyes* That was a lot of stupid to wade through. Grr.

TTS is back! And I'm actually accepting requests again. Hopefully, I won't get swamped again.

I'm going to Anime Iowa in August! ^_^ Quakecon is out for this year, mostly because they still haven't announced date or location. Yeah. I doubt the fact that this years Quakecon is going to be so small is going to kill it, but I'll bet it'll make it harder to find sponsers next year. *rolls eyes*

I think that's about it. Catch ya'll later!


New Sketch: Serenity
Updated Sites: TTS, Anime Eyes

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Site Recovery = complete!

After two weeks of me going back and forth with hosting company, everything that was supposed to work is now working.

*rolls eyes*

Now that I've got that functional, I'm going through and re-evaluating some of my sites. Basicly seeing which ones I want to keep going with.

Which reminds me, I'm looking for someone to take over member management of Anime Eyes. If you're interested, please contact me!


New Sketch: Dragon in Color
Updates: Now that everything is up, I'm working on actual content updates. More on that later.

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8 days later.....

Ok, a majority of the site is functional again. I'm still not happy with the level of support I recieved, and I'll probally be writing a stern email to that effect later on.

I have also discovered that HostRocket is offering unlimited bandwidth for a darn good price. I would go with Ancient Clan if it wasn't for that. That's where my design site and the gwg are, anyways, and I'm happy with them.

Gee, how many links can I put here? We'll find out soon!


Anyways, TTS is heading for a makeover as soon as the mascot contest is over. I'll post on that over there after I get off work. The GWG is needing a makeover too. That's next on my list.

Other than that, not much else going on site-wise. I have some plans that I'm working on. We'll see how those work out later.

New Sketch: DDR Sapphire
Updated Sites: Not really any recently. Going to fix that soon, though.

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Ok, now I'm annoyed.

My site got updated server-wise. Fine. It's on Plesk for Linux. Fine. I have a list of scripts that can be autoinstalled for me (a short list, but that's a new thing for this hosting account). Awesome!

Did they tell me they were going to do this? No. Did everything move over correctly? No.

Naturally, stuff has gone wrong. Any user accounts configured previously don't work. The files are still there, they're actually listed as users, but the sites don't work. I can't figure out how to configure them so they work again. WTF??? I don't mind upgrades, espically since I now have lots of space that I didn't have before. But why upgrade when it's going to mess stuff up?

Yeah, not a happy camper here.

In other news, saw V for Vendetta. Very good movie, could've used more action, but had really wonderful character development. Didn't get teary or anything, but I was on edge to find out what would happen. Good stuff.

I have also injured my wrist. Rah. My right wrist, oddly enough. Usually it's my left. I suspect tendon damage. If it's not better by Wednesday, doctor time.


New Site: sketchBlog - Random sketchs from me in an attempt to better my drawings. Probally not to good, but yeah.

Updated: Not really any recently. Going to fix that soon, though.

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