The internets is back!!!

I finally got it hooked back up at home, and yet here I am posting at work. >< Well, home time has been involved in updating and other things. *coughFFXIcough*

I still have things I need to update (read: most of my sites), but I'm hoping to do that tomorrow. Did get some art uploaded, though I still need to clear my cache of TTS works. *dies* Been trying to work on Centuris's story, but I hate how it's coming out. And I hate that I can't figure out how to word anything well. *sighs* I guess it's a good thing I'm not an author, even though I have some good ideas. I'd never be able to write something I felt was good enough to publish. *dies*

Also dug through my old hard drives looking for something, and found the trailer for Zelda: Twilight Princess. I really want to buy a GameCube now. Well, for that and I want to play Eternal Darkness again. Awesome game!

Anyways, I'll be working on getting a new layout for graphics by dubird up, as well as deciding on what to do with the gwg. If I buy space now, that means I'll have to renew two big domain spaces one month after another. I really don't want to do that, but I need to get it off this domain. Oi.

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Thought I'd give an update to those that catch this.

Move went pretty good. Still don't have everything down here, but I have no room at the moment so that's a moot point. As for internet access, I have to go with cable. I was going to go with DSL as it's cheaper, but apparently the wiring in this house is too old or something because I can't get a DSL signal. >< So I've been doing some other stuff to keep busy.

I finished the main quest in Oblivion. Very short, and you're left going 'What?'. >< So that could've been better, but as there's so many other quests to do, and people are making mods with quests, it's still worth getting. I'm glad I bought it. I just wish my computer ran it better. -_-; After finishing Oblivion, I've been kinda piddling around with other stuff. Almost beat Zelda: Link to the Past. I got as far as Ganon's tower before, but never beat it, and as it was on a borrowed system, just never got back to it. So I had to start over, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff, but I'm almost through the wizard's tower, so I'm close.

I'm also working on various other graphic stuff. Have a new layout for graphics by dubird that will need to be used. Working on a holiday layout for the gwg. About half-way caught up on requests for TTS. Going to try and finish those this week, then I'll try and get back on the sketchBlog idea. I really liked doing that, I just need to reinstall a script for it to work with. I also need to find hosting for the gwg. I need to fix some of the features for that. *dies* I'm also working on a new design for this site, just need to find one that I really like. It'll function a lot like this one does because I like how it's laid out, but I'm getting tired of how it looks. I dunno. We'll have to see how that works out.

I think that's about it. After next week, I _should_ be back on. *knocks on wood* And I'll also be able to watch Mythbusters! *happy dance*

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Well, it's about that time. For those that don't know, I'm moving to Texas. With this move comes the ordinary downtime while I'm in transition. Unfortunatly, that down time includes several months while I work on getting the internet. Where I'm going to be living has never had cable laid in, and I refuse to go back to dial-up. And no, I'm not doing DSL b/c it's more expensive. Anyhoo, Wednesday will be my last day online for a while, and I just wanted to let ya'll know that. I WILL be back. You may not see me as I will train my Ninja skills in Oblivion, but I'll be back. *evil laugh a la Krakor* *ahem*

In other news, I've been slowly getting things back up from the hosting company going down. The gwg is back up. Mirrored, there's no skins and a few other things are different, but all the goodies are up and fine. Graphics by dubird is almost back. I mean, it's there, but some of the layouts aren't in the database yet. I'm working on that though. Almost done. Did things differently this time, so that when I decide on the colors of the new layout, I can do some nice things, like newest layout and such. Whee. Silverbird Studios still isn't up. It got moved to the bottom of my list. >< But with me not being online, maybe now I can finally get to work on the layout and find one I like. I still need to find a way to do a sketchBlog, as I liked that idea. I don't want to use another CMS though. I just want a nice, simple blog script that will let me upload pictures while I'm posting. That was so nice to be able to do! ^_^; TTS is still going. My requests are closed, but everyone else is still open I believe. My goal there is to finish all my requests by the time I get back. I also want to at least work on my Centuris story while I'm at it. I've also got some things in mind for FFXI Files, but that will have to wait until I'm back online, seeing as how it's supposed to be my character's journal from her POV. So I've got lots of things planned, so hopefully I'll get most of them done in the downtime.

Oh, and play Oblivion. Much luv to Oblivion. Whee. ^_^;

And for the funny of this time: Superdickery.com You have to see it to believe it. NSFW!

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Ok then.

Turns out AC Hosting is not going to be hosting anymore. So I also have the CorteX site to redo. Joy. But it's coming along. I'm taking my computer home with me Sunday, so I'll get it all up and running then.

However, I don't have the money right now to buy new space for the gwg. Which means, it'll be hosted here for a while. >< Fortunatly, I've got a lot of space here I'm not using. I'll be taking things off that I don't use anymore to make even more space. Oi. After I move and get a job, my first priority is to get cable and my internet access back. Actually, it'll be to save some money, but I should be able to get both started. Second thing is to buy space for the gwg. After that, who knows?

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Ok then. Yeah. If you're looking for the gwg, it's down. Majorly down. But it will revive!! I promise that. Had a little trouble with hosting, some script installed that was messing up, and so I have to start over. I have the files (or at least most of them) backed up, so as soon as I get a new host, it'll be back up and running. I promise to do that before I leave for Dallas! So hold on...

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