Been doing more pixel arts from time to time, so made a new site for them. ^_^; Yeah.

Been kinda down lately. Just tired I guess. Stupid allergies are really messing me up. So much rain too! I mean, flooding in Texas. Rare, but happens. But at the end of JUNE?? o.O All the lakes in this area are actually over what they're supposed to be. Which is good, hopefully no drought this year. But still. Damn.

In other news, I wish TVNihon would release the next YuGiOh fansub. ><

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New layout! One I'm really happy with, too! It even gave me some other ideas that I'm going to try.

In other news, Little Kuriboh is back with new episodes!

And AI is up in the air. If I can get the plane tickets, I should be fine. But as I'm very broke right now, I don't know. So here's REALLY REALLY HOPING!!

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'ello again. ^_^ Here's the latest on this end:

- GBD is done!! I've been adding things here and there, and I want to try and add something every week. We'll see how long that lasts. ^_^;

- My gallery (dubird's ark) has finally gotten a facelift. Chibi Catboy!! *squee!* I'm rather happy with how it looks now, and we'll see how that goes.

- My FFXI site is pretty much dead. I just can't seem to post anything, espically since I haven't actually acomplished much. I may revive it at a later point, though.

- My store has something new: Tentacles! XD Yes, it's an odd thing, but you hentai fans might enjoy it. *G*

- Hey, I have a Livejournal! *sheepish look* With my home computer being down, I kinda forgot about it for a while. But I'm remembering it now.

And that's about it for now. My browsers at home are acting very odd, so I'm trying to fix that. Hopefully, I can do so soon, because the laggy is really annoying!

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Ish working! ^^

Well, kinda. Had to borrow a motherboard and CPU from a friend, so it's slower. But at least it works. Even though now my chocobo hates me. *sniffles* And my NPC! But I'll get it fixed. ^_^; Actually, most of my home computer time has been spent on Sims 2. Yes, lots of FFXI as well, and my THF is now 48, but I'm addicted to downloading things for my Sims. Yes, I have a problem. I would seek therapy, but as it's not something you can download and play, I'm not really interested. XD

In other news, I'm going to NY for Memorial Day weekend. I am going to miss the party down here, and that rather sucks, but this is my first time going that far north, and I get to hang out with friends I've known on AC for years, so that's good. I'll also be saving up for a new motherboard and CPU after this next paycheck, which goes toward me finishing paying off the a/c in my truck. I may drop by and at least pick up a USB card this weekend so I can use my good mouse. The USB ports on this motherboard don't work. >< I miss my laser mouse.

In site news, two new layouts at graphics by dubird. I've also FINALLY gotten the database done. Just a couple more file to edit, and it WILL BE DONE!! *happy dance* There's other things I want to do with that data, but I haven't figure out yet. But at least it's all in there, and all the graphics pages reflect it. Except the phpBB layouts. Crap, I just realized that. -_- Ah well. I'm probally not going to do much more with those anyways. That's all I've worked on for now, but I have some plans that I'll try and work on in the next few weeks.

Oh yeah, just so ya know. I beat Ganon. First time around even. Almost died several times, and it took me 40 minutes to figure out how to beat his beast form (hey, I have a beast form! who knew? XD), but I did it all on my own!! Well, Zelda's arrows, but that was only a small part. I really think she should've been able to shoot at Ganon in the final part, but whatever. I'm just so happy I figured it out! A much enjoyable game. Much super special awesomeness!

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Ok. For those that actually read my devArt journal, you know my home computer went down. Thought it was simple hardware issue. Got the heatsink and cpu fan installed with the help of friends, and booted it back up. Unfortunatly, it would hardlock. Bad. As in, sometimes it wouldn't even let windows finish booting up. So, one of my friends is getting me a better copy of XP since mine disappeared in the move. We think that's the problem. With a bit of patience, I discovered that I could leave it on the BIOS screen for a while, and I could get windows to work for a little bit. Long enough for me to move what little I hadn't backed up to my scratch drive for safety. Last night, I was going to get on and check on my chocobo in FFXI when my computer died. Just died. The power supply appears to be out of whack. I can sometimes see a little flash from the LED fan on the back of it, but it appears to be shorting out.

I've been without my home computer for almost three weeks now. I go home at night, and I don't have much to do except play ZTP on my GameCube. Which, I've made a great deal of progress on, but long periods of time on that make my wrist hurt, so I haven't played it lately. (plus, i just don't want the story to end!! that, and i know Ganon will kick my ass repeatidly, and i want to delay that annoyance as much as possble. XD)

Anyways, that's the reason why I haven't had hardly any online presence in a while. I'm on at work, but you know, I also have work that needs done, so I don't always have time to do stuff. But I'm planning on putting my scratch drive into an enclosure and staying late up here this week sometime to finish some things that need finishing. I'm telling ya, after my AC is fixed and i have a good pair of glasses, I'll be upgrading my computer. I'm tired of this. Well, that, and I want to play Oblivion and have it look like it's supposed to. *ahem*

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