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Wow, I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted here. ^_^; So, here's the rundown:

1. Adopted a kitty! Her name is Amisi, and I just love her. She's kinda shy and a little skittish, but she also loves her cuddles. I took her with me when I went home for Thanksgiving, and she did ok with the dogs as long as they were quiet, which is a good thing. Mom and Dad both loved her, and would go into the spare room where she was just to pet her, so I think she was a hit. XD I totally have to get a laser light pen or keychain for her, because Ken had one and it was hilarious!

2. Computer down. Again. I think it's the CPU this time. Or maybe the fan wasn't working correctly and overheating it, I dunno. I'm going to finish cleaning and reassemble tonight, and see if it will work. The motherboard/CPU combo I have picked out (with memory) is about $200, which is much better than I thought it was going to be. No, it's not the top of the line, but it's better than even the one I had before this one, which is a good thing. Yay, Oblivion! ^_^;

3. Had to replace the driver's side mirror on my truck because someone broke it off. Seriously. What the hell? That's the third time I've replaced a mirror on that damn truck! But since I don't need new tires yet, I just got a new one put on instead of drilling the casing and putting the old one back on. It costs less than the new tires, which is very good since I'll be short in money from last month yet again. I really don't know why I keep going short. I know how it started, just not why I can't get it back up. I'm working out a budget right now, and we'll see if that helps.

4. I failed at NaNoWriMo. *sheepish look*

I think that's about it. Not much else on the website front. Been going through some old layouts that I never finished or ended up using and redoing them for my free graphics site (which has a new look, btw). Other than that, I really haven't been doing much for any of my sites. I've been trying to get back into arts, and with my home computer down, I can probally get more sketching done. You know, around playing ZTP again. ^_^;; Gawd, I love that game! But I had the urge to play some Sims 2, and of course, I CAN'T PLAY WITHOUT MY COMPUTER. Arugh! XP I also had to miss Diablos last night in FFXI, which annoys the hell out of me! We finally get to a point where we can make a run, and I can't go! *grrrrrr* I don't know if that says something or what, but whatever. Ok, off to do some work, enjoy your day/week/month/whatever! ^_^;

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Updated gbd with a new layout. And a new tutorial on how to use my layouts. Whee. I really need a FAQs section, but don't know what I should put there.

Also, new site on my domain. This came out of a conversation on another message board a week or so ago. Someone had posted a topic about an art theif on DA, and of course, everyone rallied to make comments and so on. Unfortunatly, some of those comments were rather nasty, and I'm thinking to myself 'it's no wonder so many people like that get defensive and so on when their first confrontation is hostility'. So my idea was a group that would activly look out for art theft as well as help artists deal with suspected theives, but do so in a polite and mature manner. Yes, a lot of theives know they're doing wrong, but what about the few that don't? It seems to me that it's better to educate someone rather than attack them.

So, I now have a group open for anyone that is interested in this: Aabita. Check it out, you might find it something you want to get on board with. ^_^

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You know what cracks me up? Those stupid bumper stickers that say "How's my driving?" and give you a number to call. Espically those with long numbers. 'Hey, this guy is driving like an idiot so I shall make an idiot of myself while I fumble for my cellphone and call this number!' *rolls eyes*

In other news, I finally beat Chrono Cross!!! I haven't played in like three years because I forgot what I was doing (I had to stop for a while due to other things) and I didn't want to go back through the entire game. Well, last week I sat down and figured it out, and finished the game. I was a lot closer to the end than I thought. Now, it's on to New Game +! ^_^

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And I'm back!

Back from AI. Check out my livejournal for details. Yes, I'm lazy. What are you going to do about it? :P

Sitewise, I've added a new site. I know, I know. ^_^; But this one will be easy to update since it's a very simple site. Basicly, it's for us anime fans that are out of school. You're never too old for Anime! is basied on an idea a friend had a long time ago, but has since dropped from her site. So if you're an adult (or close) that loves anime, sign up! Nothing requred except a link back, and even that can be however you want it. I just always thought it was a neat idea, so yeah.

In other news, flying while congested? Not such a good idea. Yeah. Got home last night and crashed. o.O Not fun in the least!

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Found 65536 bytes in 8 lost chains - Convert to taglines?

Ok, so Quakecon. Had some fun, only went on Saturday. Well, Thursday for the Sinus show to see them doing Doom. Heh, fruitball. XD Anyways, Saturday I went, hung out, wandered around, got a little sketching done, wandered around some more, met an online friend finally, wandered around some more, etc. Basicly, I got my exercise for the week. o.O Really wish I had taken the time off work and brought my computer though. Turns out on Thursday when I went to pick up my badge, there was NO LINE for the BYOC. No line!! On Thursday night? Inconceviable! I so wish I had brought it up on Friday night. Except I would've missed Promivion and Dom's Return, which was a lot of fun. Ah well. I'll plan better next year. I mean, I live here now. A hotel room would be convienent, but it's not a big deal. It's not a long drive, espically in the middle of the night, and since it's free, all it will cost me is gas and whatever time I take off work (if I do take off). Ah well, that's next year.

Anime Iowa is next! I leave tomorrow, flying back on Monday. Gawd, I'm going to be miserable on the plane. I'm so congested right now. *dies* Totally not looking forward to that. And, unfortunatly, no costume unless we can find a shirt up there tomorrow night after I land. I found ONE shirt that I could modify here, and I messed it up to badly since I don't have any kind of sewing supplies down here any more. Guess I really do need a sewing machine. ^_^; However, the plushiePr0n video is almost done!! I'll put that up on youtube or something when I get back. It's horrible and probally not funny to anyone else, but it makes me giggle because I know the background. Just gotta get the sound to work, and all will be good. And I'll have to downsize it for uploading. So it'll wait until I'm back.

Sitewise: added a little CSS tutorial to my free graphics site. Added all my forms and made sure they work to my tts page. Still don't have anything to update the gwg with, but it's only a matter of time. Hey, I just realized, it's been almost 10 years!! I'll have to plan something for that. Come hell or high water, I will do something special for the anniversary in October.

That's the news, news it is across my sites. Tune in next time, same Du time, same Du channel! *swoops away*

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