Odds and Ends

Blaurgh. Been a very stressful couple of weeks. Death in the family and almost death of my truck. -_- But I'm doing better now.

New layout and wallpaper for my free graphics site. They're also Gundam Wing themed, which means the gwg gets an update.

I also went to see roller derby on Saturday, and really want to try it. But I need insurance first. So I need to find a way to do that. ><

Not really anything else going on. Doing some arts here and there, trying to get back into writing. Gah. Too many things to do, and I've been spending a lot of evenings watching Dr. Who Confidential and playing Minesweeper. Curse you, Minesweeper!

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New layout!

Yesh, new layout! I decided to finally go through and fix all the problems the last one had. Not that I didn't like it, I really did, but this one is a bit easier to see I think. Anyhoo, website news, ho!

I've kinda stalled on working on the gwg. I realized that the layout just isn't working, espically for people with slow computers, so I need to do something else so it's not so graphic intensive. What, I don't know yet. But I think I'll work it out and have it up and ready by October. That's my target date for getting that finally fixed and renewed.

Been adding things to GBD from time to time. Several new layouts, and fixed up a couple other things it was needing. I want to redo that layout now too. *dies* But other sites first!

Other than that, not much else going on. Been doing some art commissions, have to get the ark updated. Actually, that's the next major layout I want to do. Have the idea, just need to draw the catboy picture I want to use. OH! and I finally got around to putting up all my characters in their own site. Ok, yeah, I had most of them there anyways, but this one has a better layout, database backend so I can update it when I want, and some new fanarts that I've added. Whee! ^_^;

Ok, that's all on this end. See ya'll when I update something else! ^_^

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Last call.....

I just updated my Trigun site for what may be the last time (excluding adding episode summeries someday).

That makes me a sad panda. It's always been one of my favorite sites I've done, and kinda one of my babies in a way. I'm not taking it down, but I'll probally never do much of anything to it again. Well, unless Trigun airs again, or they actually do the movie that has been rumored about for so long. It's just kinda sad. I feel like I'm closing a chapter on my little website network. *shrugs* Ah well.

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Restarting the gwg

Well, after about a year of procrastinating, I have finally started work on the gwg again. I updated the layout, and now I've got to go through and clean up ALL the pages. Gad. Not to mention fix broken links and images, combine some sections, setup the database (that I've been meaning to do for about 4 years) and add new stuff that I've been meaning to add. *dies*

But on the plus side, it'll make me keep it up and adding stuff for a while. Next October is it's 9th anniversary. I gotta do something for that. XD

In other news, new graphics at my free graphics site. Been trying to keep that up from time to time. Oh, and I watched all of Blue Seed again. I'd forgotton how much fun that series is. Espically the Omake Theatres. Ahh, the randomness! XD

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Randomness, sorry

Yeep. Yeah. Sorry. ^_^;

Not that I have much to report. Been too busy playing Sims 2 and other things. *ahem*

So, what have I done? Well, started back up with my otaku senshi story. Meaning, I did something with the chapter I was stuck on, and there's something there. Not much, but it means I can continue.

Kinda piddled around with my free graphics site. Added some templates, and I'm working on another free layout right now. I've been awful busy at work, which is when a lot of my layouts get made, so I kinda fell behind in that. But I've had some ideas, so I want to see where they go.

Other than that, not much to report. I'll try and update this a little more often. ^_^;

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