new layout!

New layout, yay! You can now see the latest free layouts and wallpapers I've done, and corrected links. Let me know if anything doesn't work. ^_^

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Twitter and D&D

Added Twitter over to the side. I'll keep that up for a while, just to see what happens. Also added new free layout. And I've been thinking of adding to the side the latest layout and wallpaper. I dunno, what do ya'll think?

In other news, I joined a D&D game. I'm really nervious because I've never done this before and I'm very self-concious in situations like that, but we'll see what happens. ^_^;

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Experience is a good teacher, but submits huge bills.

Ain't that the truth. *L* Ok, anyhoo, not had much to post about lately, sorry. Another death in the family, but my truck is still running. Getting ready to move to an apartment at the end of the month too, but thought I'd fill in what few website updates I've done.

The gwg got a few updates, though I'm still working on the galleries. Also updated the ark with some images, as well as my commission info. OH! One big one, my free graphics site has a new name and a new layout. I'm really happy with how it came out, too. ^_^ That's really about it, I think. Ummm....yeah. Enjoy!

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Ok then, I R Retard. ^_^; I was running out of space on my server and could not figure out why. Turns out the logging program's upper size limit was 2 gig. Yeah. So now I've deleted that 600meg log file, and it's a lot better now. *ahem*

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Long time, no post

Been a while. Several things happened, not really many good. I guess the worst was my truck dying on me for a while. Cracked radiatior, cracked head gasket and misfiring fuel injector. Which, turns out, the fuel injector problem was probally the cause of the cracked head gasket, which now that that's fixed seems to be doing ok. So, so far so good, I gotta keep an eye on it and see what happens.

In site news, the gwg has some media updates. That's what I did for the October anniversary. I still haven't gotten together and fixed the gallery over there. It's going to take a long time, so I'm not really looking forward to it. ><

I've also been trying to do some art, but here's the thing. My devart subscripion ran out, and I can't afford a new one right now. I'm trying to get someone to trade me one for some art, but no takers yet. So the 'latest art' above isn't quite accurate since I don't update my art portfolio as often. But at least it's there, and I'll go through and update it today to get it taken care of. It doesn't quite match, and I apologize for that, but it's the best I can do right now. If I can get another subscription, I'll make sure and fix it.

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