end of year approachith....

So, it's been a while. What have I been up too?

Website-wise, not a lot. I've kinda given up making updates for the gwg, though I still want to keep it up and running, espically with Geocities going away. With the end of Geocities, most GW sites have now gone away for good, but I want some kind of reference site to stay up. Well, aside from Melody's. ^^; Not really much else on the website front from me, though. Been focusing on some other things.

Game-wise, almost done with Kingdom Hearts! I'm taking it with me when I go to my uncle's house for Thanksgiving as it'll give me something extra to do. I have to spend time grinding and get some more levels before I can beat the final boss, so I've been avoiding it. But I'll get it done, one way or the other. I've also been playing a lot of Oblivion lately. Got some awesome community mods I've been having fun with, and finally installed Shivering Isles. Though, that isn't working out as well as I want since my framerate drops even more while there, and when it's not lagging, it's giving me motion sickness. >< Still, Shivering Isles is a fucked-up place, and is actually a lot of fun. FFXI is still dragging me back in, though it's a bit slow. I've missed doing things with my linkshell, and we've been having some fun with some missions lately, so I'm looking forward to tonight.

D&D-wise, I joined a second game. We're doing Pathfinder, and I'm playing a half-elf barbarian which is already a lot of fun. XD Belladonna is kinda on hiatus until after the holidays, which is sad, but I understand the need for it.

Other than that, there's not a lot else. Working on trying to get back into arts, which means I need to sit down once a week for sketching again. >< I need to do the steak reward again for sketching a certian amount. When I was doing that, I felt more motivated. Sad, yeah? XD

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and back!

devArt sub is back, so updated the sidebar. Other than that, there's not a lot going on webwise for me. I really need to get back into doing layouts again, just haven't had time or ideas lately. I did start sketching again, and I'm hoping that'll help on that front. >< Honestly, that's really about it for me. Yeah, exciting, I know. ^^;

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Server moved

Ok, so, yeah. All the pages I worked on last week and the updates I made are gone. I'm not sure if I have to reupload everything or what's going on, but I not only am missing some new pages, I'm apparently missing some database changes. *grrrr* Not happy, we'll have to see what happens with my host and hopefully they can fix it without me having to reupload and redo the changes.

Is fixed. They had to re-migrate things from the last server, but it's all working now. Whee!

In other news, 100 posts! Ummm....yeah. Nothing really to celebrate, but thought I'd mention it in passing. XD

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I forgot my devart sub ran out. >< But I've fixed the gallery to link to this one here, so it's sortta current. Being broke sucks. *blah*

In other news, saw UP last Friday. It's made of awesome and win and you should totally go see it!!

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Well isn't this just wizard?

I caved in and actually added something to my facebook. Yes, I'm a tool. ^_^; But, it will pull posts from this blog on my main site, so it'll look like I'm updating. Yeah, there ya go. *LOL* Don't expect a lot of other activity there, but I will go ahead and add friends that contact me AS LONG AS I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I'm not going to add random people, sorry.

Of course, this means I have to figure out how to make a pretty layout for it too. Dammit. ^_^;

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