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A blank screen is one of the most intimidating things ever. ><

Actually did write a bit for NaNo, but don't think I'll have time to do anymore. Blarugh. One of these times, I'll actually have time and will to do it! ^_^;;

Downloaded the fix for Witch Hunt for Dragon Age. At least the ending was fixed, which is good, but it's still their weakest DLC. They didn't even give us a new place to explore, just recycled old ones. Totally not cool. I also downloaded some random fan dungeons, most of which are ok. Nothing I really feel compelled to finish, though Classic Week is a neat idea. Unfortunatly, since you're not actually playing with real AI, it makes some of the boss fights hella-hard. >< I'm stuck right now on a pair that has some major hits. And since I have to control all of the characters, makes it hard to control the battle. If this really was four players, it would be doable. Oh well.

Am excited about Dragon Age 2, will definatlly pre-order that after holiday season. Really short on cash right now. >< Oh, and found out Dungeon Siege 3 is being made. By Square Enix. WANT. The one thing I thought was really lacking in the first two was in-depth story. Yeah, they both had a story and it was pretty good. But it was at heart a dungeon crawl, which doesn't really lend itself to true story-telling. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both of them, but I'm really excited about a SE produced Dungeon Siege! So, that got added to my wish list. Which is getting really long, and I don't think anything's be bought from it. ^^; Ah well, at least I can keep track of things I want and hopefully get them some day.
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Dragon Age fun

So, downloaded latest DLC for Dragon Age. And it was....abrupt. I dunno, I knew it wouldn't be as long as Awakenings, but it only took me 30 minutes and I thought for this one, they'd make it a little longer with a better ending. I mean, it's about Morrigan, one of the main characters. You'd think it'd be a better ending than "Your book's over there along with something else you'll find interesting, kthanxbye!" From what I understand, it was supposed to be the last DLC, so it was kinda sucky to leave it so open like that. Just be self-contained or part of the main story, that would be awesome.

Also downloaded Leliana's Song, which I found entertaining. At least that one had a finish to it, though it may be odd that I mostly want to know what happened to Scratch. I liked him, he was good character. ^_^;

Anyways, not much else. Still trying to work on a portfolio, though I've narrowed it down somewhat and I'm just trying to make the pages for the physical one. Making the online one will be a bit longer since there's more I have to do to it, but I can make some of the thumbnails now to cut down on time later. Blarugh. ><
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I feel compelled to post something today, and I'm not quite sure why. ^_^;

Not a lot has been going on since Quakecon finished. I've been slowly winding down and playing a lot more Dragon Age, which is still a lot of fun. Picked up a character I didn't recruit the first time around, and he's hilarious. Lets just say he has a one-track mind......and it's the one between his legs. XD I've been playing with different party configurations and enjoying the random background conversations they have. I'm also enjoying seeing what minor effects the different backgrounds do. Like, when you're the dwarf noble background, people in the dwarven city recognize you and react accordingly. It's kinda neat, actually. I also watched the trailer for Dragon Age 2 and it's on the WANT list. Seriously, if I can get the extra money, I want to preorder it. Heee!

Let's see, what else? Oh, FFXI! We're almost to the end of the Chains of Promathia missions, and I'm totally excited about it! Of course, I'll probally die specatarially, but what else is new? XD More on that in my FFXI blog when we're done. It's about time I start adding to that. ^_^;
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Quakecon, done and gone

Yep, Quakecon is now over. So how did this year stack up compared to previous ones? Well, they didn't allow ANY file sharing program, which kinda defeated the purpose for me going. Don't get me wrong, I still love gaming and managed to get some Q3A in before the vertigo kicked in. And, I finished Dragon Age *w00t!*. But I was really really hoping to get all of MST3K and Babylon 5 this year. Which didn't happen. I understand why, it just really sucked.

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Welcome to the city night!

New layout, new organization! Welcome to my b2evolution version of my site. Most everything is up and organized, and best of all, it's easier to deal with on the back end. The one thing that I didn't get up is my writings. I was going to add them, but in going through them, I just really couldn't bring myself to post them back up. I'm considering adding a writing blog that I only post stories on, but still undecided on that.

Anyways, I've gotten everything organized and hopefully fixed. If you find an error, use the contact form above to send me an email so I can fix it. Hope you enjoy the new look!
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