On Getting Started

It's easy to see when we need to lose weight. HOW to do so is horribly confusing to most people simply because of the marketing that exists for weight loss. Ever-changing diet plans, new scientific discoveries that deliberately get misinterpreted in order to sell things, celebrities touting their eating plan as the One True Way to Lose Weight, etc. There's a bewildering amount of information, and every diet plan out there says something different is what you HAVE to do in order lose weight.

Yet the one thing most of these diet plans can't do is help you KEEP the weight off. Yeah, you could do some meal replacement shake diet and lose weight. Some of them still supply you most of the nutrition you need and can even be tasty. But what happens when you hit your goal? Do you go on drinking those shakes or do you go back to eating like you were before because you consider that normal? 99% of people will chose the second option, ignoring the fact that eating as they were before is what got them to the point they need to lose weight, and thus the yo-yo dieting cycle continues.

So, what worked for me? I found a site that helps with counting calories. As in, I would weigh and log what I ate, it would help me figure out how many calories I was eating and how many I SHOULD be eating. I was then able to adjust my eating habits accordingly.

That's it?
Yes, Imaginary Commenter, that's it. No big secret, no magic diet plan, no super workouts or anything. Just that. It takes a while to get used to it, but in the end, that's all it was. Losing weight is the simple equation of calories consumed < calories burned. More on this later, but as that's all it is, it's something you can do for free. FREE. That right there is reason enough to try it!

The big issue isn't that weight loss is hard. The basic premise is quite easy. It's HOW you do that is difficult.

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