Process Learning

You know, it's really weird to realize that while you're good at what you do and the final outcome works, the process you learned isn't correct. That's essentially what I've been learning in this degree: what the correct process is for designing things. So for practice, I downloaded Balsmiq and played with that to work out a new layout for here.

Yeah, that's really weird to do!! I used it for work and it will hopefully be helpful, but I'm so used to doing layout and design TOGETHER that making the base wireframe layout without designing the graphical look just feels alien to me. My process in the past has been I see a layout framework that I like, I go into whatever graphics program I'm using and start building. Choosing color scheme, placing elements, etc. I never did a wireframe before because I already know (mostly) what the actual layout framework was. Sometimes I'd find that certain changes needed to be made for the site I'm making it for, but I always did that with the design elements because it helped me see it better. Which may be why doing a wireframe first feels weird. Without having that color and design elements to use, I have trouble seeing where it all goes. This has bled over to ALL the sites I do, which is making it harder to make them. (well, that, and learning HTML5)

Still, it's a learning process and maybe it'll feel more comfortable the more I do it. Or, maybe it will only feel comfortable when I'm working on other people's websites. We'll see.

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