That's what you get

There's something strangely satisfying about vehicular justice.

The other day as I drove home, the tollway I take had a wreck and I decided to get off early. Of course, that meant crossing two more lanes of traffic from the highway below, so it took me a good 30 minutes to do so because some drivers are assholes and won't let ANYONE merge, even in the case of traffic at a stop because of a wreck. *ahem* Anyhoo, the offramp I exited on merges briefly with the access road, then turns back into an onramp. The strip between the ramp and the tollway is a large, grassy median. As I was trying to merge onto the correct lane on the access road, I happened to look over and saw a silver car that had tried to cross the grassy strip right before the ramp splits back off. But apparently, he forgot he was driving a low sports car, and had high-centered it on the curb. His front tires didn't reach the road, and since it ground was damp, he couldn't get traction with his rear tires to get over the curb.

The sight of an impatient asshole who went off road and tried to cut in front of the line of cars and got stuck totally made my day.
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