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I can always count on The Oatmeal to cheer me up. Well, lots of other sites too, but the saga over there made today's post just full of awesome.

For those that haven't been following, a year ago Matt Inman at the Oatmeal sent a request to FunnyJunk, a site that hosts funny pictures uploaded by users, to take down his comics that had been uploaded there. While they didn't get all of them, he felt it wasn't worth the effort to pursue further and let the matter drop. Cut back to a month or so ago, and he received a letter from FJ's attorney, threatening to sue him unless he took down his blog post talking about the issue. The Oatmeal's response was epic, to say the least. He ended his post vowing to raise the $20,000 they were asking as compensation and, after taking a picture of it to mail to FJ, split the money between two charities. It was a brilliant response to bullying, and would've been nothing more than an amusing post that I would've shared with friends and moved on. Espically since he raised over $200,000 to split between the two charities, proving that douchebaggery can be used for something good.

But FJ's attorney, Charles Carreon, apparently got his feelings hurt. In a rather bizarre move, Carreon decided to sue Matt Inman, then went on to sue IndieGoGo, the site where the fundraiser was being held, as well as The American Cancer Society and the National Wildlife Federation, the two charities that the money was to be split between. Ken over at Popehat has much better explination, as well as bringing in his own viewpoint on the subject, so I'd suggest reading through there to get the full story. (start at the bottom and work your way up)

As for me, my main reaction to this entire thing has been "Really? No, seriously??" For a supposed Internet lawyer, Carreon shows a remarkable lack of knowledge about the Internet and how it works. He seems completely mystified how this went viral, and has since taken on the air of one greatly wounded, but carrying on with his head held high. Oh, sorry, I meant to say completely befuddled by this new-fangled Internets and nursing a butt-hurt grudge that anyone would dare besmirch his name, even if all they're doing is giving facts about his behavior.

Still, he has dropped the suits, and apparently considers the fact that Inman had to change how the charites were paid to be a victory, so hopefully this will be allowed to fall by the wayside. But given his new project, which seems to be an attempt to make any kind of speech that talks badly about someone illegal, I don't think he's learned his lesson.

But I did learn something from his wife's commentary. I'm determined to find a way to work the phrase "rhinos raping chinchillas dressed up in unicorns' undergarments" into something someday. A girl can dream, yeah?
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