Mass Effect 3

Well, for those that know me, I'm sure you know how excited I was for this game! I enjoyed the first two a lot, even with some of the problems they had, and I was so psyched to play the third one. So when it came in the mail, I did my SQUEE! dance, and started the next night, even though I wouldn't be able to really play much until that Sunday.

So, for those that care, this will contain OMG!SPOILERS after the cut. ^_^; But if you want a quick TL;DR summary: the first 95% of the game was totally worth it. And then, Bioware pulled the rug out from under me and slapped me in the face with it.

So, for those that don't mind spoilers, here goes. Up until the end, it was great. I loved how the story went, even if the romance option with Kaiden got a bit sappy at places, and the interactions were, for the most part, a lot better for your companions. I think one of my favorites was Garrus and Vega trying to out-story each other with stuff they've done. That one made me stop to listen to the whole thing! XD And GarrusXTali was cute as well. Graphics-wise, nothing majorly good or bad compared to ME2, but then, I'm not one to focus on the PRETTY SHINEY if I'm playing for story. Which I was.

Gameplay was good. Combat was fine, though the fog of blood when you're injured got me killed a lot since I couldn't see where I was in relation to what was killing me, and that screwed me up! Frustrating, but hardly game-breaking. I really missed the heavy weapons, though. I had the Arc Projector for ME2 and HOLY CRAP LIGHTENING! I'm sorry, lighting-based powers or weapons, espically if they arc and you can kill lots of things with them, always make giggle like a school girl. That was the one Dark Side power I always gave my Jedi in KotOR, just so I could level it to Force Storm and run into a hallway and kill every bad guy in sight with one zap!

Companion-wise, it actually didn't bother me to not have all my companions from ME1/ME2 onboard. And the deaths of those that did die was sad, but powerful. For the most part, it worked within the story. Granted, I hate when my favorite characters died, but that didn't kill the story for me at all. Mordin's death almost made me cry, as did Legon's. Thane, well, I rather figured he'd die and while this runthrough didn't have him as a romance and so the goodbye worked for me, I have since learned it's not signifigantly different if you romanced him in ME2, which is a HUGE downside. Bioware kinda drop-kicked the ball into your face for that. But since my original Shepard didn't romance Thane, I didn't have an issue with it. And seriously, the Renegade point for killing Kai Lane was TOTALLY worth it!

And now, the game breaker: the ending. Now that I've actually gone out looking at what others are saying, it seems I not in minority for the shitty ending we got. Basicly, you spend all game gathering resources, making alliances, getting Cerberus out of your way and generallying making this huge weapon and army to defeat the Reapers for all time. And it means jack squat. The ONLY real difference for Shepard it makes is that you get a tiny cut-scene at the end that shows your chest-plate as you take a breath. And that's not satisfactory, at least for me. Part of the reason is that it didn't matter. No matter which ending you choose, you've destroyed the Mass Effect relays, effectivly stranding your giant army in the Sol system. The quarians, that have fought for so long to get their homeworld back, and that I helped make peace with the Geth for them to do so? Yeah, they'll never see it again. The cure for the genophage that made the krogan able to breed properly again? Moot for the most part, since there were no female krogan in your army. The people on the Citadel, including all those refugess? Dead. Your crew on the Normandy? Stranded on some distant world, never again to see Earth. (which also makes no sense because one of the people that stepped out of the Normandy on that world was Kaiden and didn't he die during the final push? also, why the hell was Joker in the Mass Effect field when he should have been battling the Reapers?) And that's the GOOD ENDING. The bad ending is the same, except you've now killed the Geth, as well as EDI, and everyone is still screwed. And I've since found out that when Mass Effect relays are destroyed, they apparently destroy the system they're in, so yeah, you've just killed your ENTIRE ARMY. Congratulations, you've just pushed what's left of the galaxy back to the Stone Age, and that's for all the species you didn't wipe out because they had colonies that weren't in the same system as a relay. Now go play the Multi-Player! *headdesk* The thing is, the whole Sythetics vs. Organics argument doesn't really hold up. The games have always been about everyone vs. the Reapers. That's what we've been built up for. There were even vague hints about dark matter and how it would be something to watch out for. But the whole Synthetics and Organics can't ever get along, so we havest organics to make Reapers (which, by that logic, are partly organic) and that solves it? I got the Geth and Quarians to make peace! Don't fucking tell me that's not possible!  gt; lt;

What would I do different for an ending? Not much, actually. I would end it with Shepard opening the arms of the Citadel and docking the Crucable. The rest is a cutscene that shows the Crucable sending out some kind of pulse that disables or destroys the Reapers, without destroying the relays. Yeah, there's a shit-ton of death and so many people are going to have to start over, but at least they can. And where your choices come into play is how many people survived, as well as if you survive. The two crew members that go with you for the final push end up dying, including your LI if you brought him/her along. Odviously, Shepard needs major medical help, but if you didn't prepare your resources well (and i mean, getting almost all of them), there's no one to get to the Citadel in time to save you. And if you didn't prepare enough, the Citadel wasn't in good enough shape to survive and crashes to Earth. So Earth probally wouldn't be livable for a long time, but at least humanity on the whole would survive. And the other alien races have a shit-ton of rebuilding to do, but they can rebuild if you helped them out enough. And then, some kind of epilogue (even a text one like DA:O), giving a short blub on those that lived and how things end up. Do the alliances you made hold? What about your companions that lived? What happens to them? So many questions that I wanted answers to and I will never get.

Anyhoo, that's my commentary on it. Will I replay it? Probally, though not to the end ever again. It's kinda like KotOR 2 for me. I loved it up until the end, so when I replayed it, I stopped at a specific point and made up my own ending. So, if I do replay ME3, it'll be something like that. That won't give me back the sense of wonder and awesomness that the series originally gave me that's now been destroyed, but it will let me get some kind of closure on the story that Bioware failed so hard on.
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