Drama Llama

I hate reality shows. Lothe them, even. The fact that we as a society spend so much time and money following the lives of shallow, stupid (possibly retarded) people who make a living having temper tantrums and being general douchebags just pisses me off. About the closest I get is roflrazzi, which has some hilarious pictures from time to time, and there's occasionally something about the reality 'stars' on there. But I pretty much skip over any 'news' article about them, as well as any kind of blog post or gossip or pretty much anything else. I don't want to spend my time feeding their attention-whoreness when there's so many other things I could be doing.

However, I'm not as immune to it as I thought.

When we started planning our wedding, I signed up on one of those wedding sites that has the free planning tools for you to use. After all, I've never been married and I'm one of the few women that never planned my ideal wedding when I was younger, so I had no frickin' clue what I was doing! Turns out I didn't need most of them because we are getting help planning, but I still use the guest list tool because it's easy, it's there, and I don't want to reenter everyone's name and address. They have a forum there where you can ask questions, which I have used for a few questions I had. There have been other questions that I could answer or try and help with, which is a good use of a message board.

Then, I made the mistake of looking through other posts.

There's a shit-ton of drama that people post about on those boards. Some of it is serious, but a lot of it is bridezilla territory, and I've discovered that I actually enjoy reading about the problems others are having. I've started cruising by their boards every day, seeing what's going and waiting for the train wrecks. I have managed to restrain myself from posting on most of them, but there's still the occasional one I have to put my two cents down on. I tell myself it's because it makes me appreciate my wedding party and our families that aren't trying to make us do crazy things or spend insane amounts of money so they'll look good. But the truth is, I feel a little sadistic glee in reading about other people's misery. I compare their problems to mine, and get some weird satisfaction in the situations people put themselves into through their own stupid actions. Granted, I've put myself into drama lots of times, so it's not that I'm 'better' than them or anything.

I guess maybe it's because seeing other people's problems and the drama it causes makes me appreciate my own life. It makes me focus less on the bad and more on what's good. Maybe that's why I don't like reality shows. They're so over the top retarded jackasses that it's just a pain to watch. Seeing posts from real people with actual problems in their lives is a lot more low-key. I can actually sympathize with them, even if I don't have any advice for their situation.

Well, unless they're attention-whore bridezillas. Then it's just so I can point and laugh, even if I don't post it.
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